2017 In Memoriam

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The following alumni passed away in 2017

Dore Ashton professor Frederick H. Nowak EE’62
Elliot Axelband EE’58   Ernst Nussbaum CE’50
 Harold Baskin A’65
 Franklin K Bayer ChE’66  Emidio Peluso ME’43
Leo J Brancato Me’50 Gregory D Sacatos A’69
Judy Brady (Attended Art School in the 1950s)
Adrienne Campbell A’51 Fredrick J. Samperi A’61
 Francis S. (Frank) Cannizzo  (attended CU in the 1940s)  Judith Seigal A’54
Arthur Corwin A’54
Freeman Godfrey Craw   A’39 Robert Sweetgall ChE’69
Fred Danzig A’42
Christopher J. Engstrom   A’93
 Norman Friedman
Dr. Robert H. Goepfert EE’57
Howard T. Glasser (professor of 

calligraphy at Cooper Union)


Eugene Golub CE’62
  Jack Goodman ME’51
Elsie Halvorsen A’52    Frank Vierling (left to join army during WWII)
Sanford Hoffman A’67
Abraham Levine CE’50
 Mitchell J. Levy ChE’70
 Diane Lewis AR’76
  Helen Mayrbaurl A’55
Vincent Moore ME’36