2019 Election: Josiah Ellis

Running For: Council

Campaign Statement

Hi, my name is Josiah Ellis. I’m a recent art alumni who has been carrying around a deeply felt gratefulness for Cooper Union and all that it brought into my life, and now I want to offer my time and care to the institution that gave so much to me by joining the Alumni Council. 

Cooper has set its intentions to return to free (yay!) and is now in the midst of some very deep transitions (like our society at large), and I want the coming changes to be guided by a commitment to ecological thinking, to deepening democracy, and to social and economic justice. Change is here, and more is coming, and alumni should be having conversations about what we want the future of our beloved institution (and city and planet) to look like. 

As an Alumni Council-member I especially hope to expand engagement with younger graduates and art alumni.


Josiah is a painter, poet, pollinator who graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in 2015. They grew up in Astoria, Queens, and attended LaGuardia HS. For now, they make rent working as a Studio Assistant— maybe they’ll go to grad school soon or go work on a farm or join a monastery or something.

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