July 1, 2017 is the start of a new Council year.  This page is in the midst of an update.

The following are standing and ad hoc committees of the Alumni Association, in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws. Committee membership is open to all alumni though chairs must be members of the Alumni Council. Support for each committee from the Alumni Office staff is indicated. Many alumni volunteer their time on one or more committees. It’s also a great way to stay involved with Cooper Union, while having a lot of fun!

If you are interested in joining a CUAA Committee, please see that committee’s page and feel free to contact them directly, or let us know you are interested in a number of volunteering possibilities, beyond just committees.

Executive Committee
President: Paul Nikulin CE’06
Nominating Committee
Chair: Susan Shaw A’72
Annual Fund Committee
Co-Chairs: Karina Tipton CE’99 & Carol Wolf A’84
Communications Committee
Co-Chairs: Jessica Marshall EE’17 & Ron Vogel ChE’01
Events Committee
Co-Chairs: Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack A’90 & Alexis Lenza, CE’05
 Founder’s Day Committee
Tellers Committee
Chair: Athena DeNivo CE’94
Election Committee
Co-Chairs: Shankar Venkataraman BSE’03
Faculty Committees
VP: Daren Rogers AR’05
John Q. Hejduk Award Committee
Chair: Wes Rozen AR’05
Gano Dunn Award Committee
Chair: Ed Abaid CE’76
Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award Committee
Co-Chairs: Carol Wolf A’84, Bill Wolf A’84
Public Service Award Committee
Chair: Mary Lynch ChE’82