Alumni Profile: Georgina Davis

Georgina Davis

Georgina Davis (ca.1852-1901) studied  Art at the Cooper Union.  She was a prominent nineteenth century illustrator, painter and etcher. Georgina Davis worked actively as a commercial artist for over thirty years, at a time when few women were able to pursue independent careers in the arts. Her illustrations appeared in the Salvation Army newspaper, children’s books published by the McLoughlin Brothers, and in the major nineteenth century weekly, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, where she worked as a staff artist.

In her first ten years of employment at the paper she produced over 100 engravings, often reporting on the work of charitable women as union organizers and visitors of the infirmed and imprisoned. Her illustrations also appeared in art publications such as Aldine and the Women’s Pavilion of the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. Georgina Davis is recognized for her contribution to the advancement of women in the arts.