Call for Nominations for 2021 CUAA Spring Election

Each October and November, you have a chance to nominate alumni to serve in various CUAA positions. Your nominations will be reviewed by the nominations committee and cleared with the individual being nominated. This is the first part of the ballot preparation process. This year the final day for making nominations will be November 15, 2020. The ballot will be presented to the Council in February 2021 and the Election will occur in the Spring of 2021. All new terms will begin on July 1, 2021.

Call for Nominations and Self-Nominations will close on 11/15/2020

CUAA Executive Committee Positions: This Spring, there will be the following officer positions on the ballot. The president’s term is a 2 year term. The Alumni Trustee term is a 4 year term. The other officer terms are for 1 year.

Vice President Faculty-Student Liaison
Vice President of Alumni Activities
Alumni Trustee

CUAA Council Members:

We will be electing 12 new members to the CUAA Council and the terms are for 3 years. There will be a least 24 alumni on the ballot for these 12 positions. Alumni from class year, 1940 through 2020, may be nominated to the council. You may nominate yourself.

CUAA’s mission is to support our diverse and talented alumni through engagement, advocacy and communications.   We work closely with The Cooper Union administration to support Cooper Union’s goal of higher education excellence and returning our school to tuition free status.  We also offer programs that link students and alumni fostering strong relationships for the future. 

To nominate yourself or someone you know, email  Include in the subject line Nomination for (include position).  In the body of the email include the name and contact information of the nominee and your name and contact information as nominator.  A member of the Nominating Committee will contact the nominee for further information.