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Founding Documents

The Cooper Union Alumni Association Council, Executive Committee, Alumni Trustees, and Nominating Committee are nominated and elected annually in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Cooper Union Alumni Association. These documents also include the responsibilities of each officer and each committee and responsibilities that the CUAA has to its members.

The Constitution was updated during the 2015-2016 Year and approved by the full alumni body during the 2016 CUAA Election.  2016-CUAA-Constitution


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the affairs of the Cooper Union Alumni Association in accordance with policies established by the Alumni Council and its governing documents.

Officers serve on the Executive Committee

President: Paul Nikulin CE06   Term is July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019

Officers below have the term July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Secretary: Mary K. Lynch ChE ’82
Treasurer: Stephen Verderese, EE ‘84
Vice President/Alumni Activities: Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack A’90
Vice President/Faculty and Student Liaison: Margaret Matz AR’83
Nominating Committee Chair: Kay Nordstrom ME’77
(Ex-officio Executive Committee) Annual Fund Committee Co-Chair: Carol Wolf A’84
(Ex-officio non-voting Executive Committee) Communications Committee Chair: Ron Vogel ChE’01

Immediate 2 Past Presidents are also officers that serve on the Executive Committee

Nils Folke Anderson A’94
John Leeper AR ’85

Alumni Trustees serve on the Executive Committee and on The Board of Trustees

Robert Tan AR’81 (Term ends September 2018)
Peter Katz A’76 (Term ends September 2019)
Scott Lerman A’81 (Special election, Term began June 2016 and ends in 2020)
Stephen Gerard ME’67 (Term began August 2017 and ends in 2021)
Lynn Lander ChE ’60 (Term began March 2018 and ends in 2022)
Christina Aguirre-Ross, AR ’81 (Term begins in 2019)

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council oversees the development and management of a broad range of programs, events and services that enable alumni to maintain strong relationships with their fellow alumni and with Cooper Union. They provide motivation and leadership to encourage strong financial support from alumni and recognize and promote the achievements of Cooper Union alumni who have excelled in their fields and in their commitment to the college.

The Alumni Council meets at least four times a year, and Council Members are encouraged to actively participate in alumni and college events, programs and committees.

Council meetings are documented and summarized on the website. START HERE.

Council 2016-19

 Council 2017-20

Council 2018-2021

Christina Aguirre-Ross AR’81
Ed Palacio EE’75
Hadar Cohen EE’15
Laura Spinner A’89
Ling Wei Chang EE’82
Lynn Lander ChE’60 (became Trustee)
Mark A. Vasquez ME’88
Mina Greenstein A’56
M’Liz Keefe A’85
Rachel Appel A’13
Pavel Nikulin CE’06 (became President)
Scott Wilson A’76
George DeFeis CE’84
Michael Luke CE’14
Carol Wolf A ’84
Kay Nordstrom ME ’77
Brian Rose A ’79
Kelly Smolar ME ’07/MME ’11
Darrell Low EE ’89
Tomashi Jackson A’10
Hope Wade A ’87
Scott Lyne ChE ’92/MChE ’95
Malini Ramanarayanan ChE ’00
Michael Lebron A ’76
Devora Najjar ChE ’16
Ron Vogel ChE ’01/MChE ’15.
Claudia F. Giordano, A 1976
Caitlin (Katie) Correll, ME 2012
Beatriz Ponce, ME 2011
Lily Zand, AR 1988
Daniel P. Burke, Esq., ChE 1981
Lawrence (Larry) Levine, AR 1969
Dr. James Haywood Rolling, Jr., A 1988
Shankar Venkataraman, BSE 2003
Sabeel Yosef, CE 2005 Jennifer Collins, A 1993
Bernard (Bernie) Codd, ChE 1983
Mark O’Grady, A 1976


Past Presidents

Past Alumni Trustees

Jacob Alspector AR ’72
Nils Folke Anderson A’95
Philip Auerbach ME’51
Carmi Bee AR’67
Don Blauweiss A’61
Michael Borkowsky ME’61
Peter Cafiero CE ’83
John Clarke AR’66
Susan Eisenberg CE’62
Mark Epstein A’76
Albert Greenberg A’48
Marilyn Hoffner A’48
John Leeper AR ’85
Charles Morgan ME’68
MaryAnn Nichols A’68
John Roswell ME’69
Peter Saltini AR’70
Carl Selinger CE’67
Don Toman EE’ 55
Robert Wagner ME’ 59
Willard Warren EE’50
Jacob Alspector AR ’72
Arnold Arlow A’54
Philip Auerbach ME’51
Carmi Bee AR’67
Don Blauweiss A’61
Michael Borkowsky ME’61
John Clarke AR’66
Tom Driscoll ME’77
Ron Drucker CE’62
Susan Eisenberg CE’62
Mark Epstein A’76
Ray Falci ME ’86
Edward Feiner AR’69
Audrey Flack A’51
Leslie Gill AR’82
Albert Greenberg A’48
Adrian Burton Jovanovic BSE’89
Alex Katz A’49
Roger Mosconi A’67
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe A’75
Edgar Mokuvos EE ’78
Larry Ng EE’78
Peter Saltini AR’70
William Sandholm CE’63
Lee Skolnick AR’79
Kavin Slavin A’95
Sandra Spaeth A’68
Roger Tucker III A’74
Anthony Tung AR’72
Willard Warren EE’50

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is elected from a slate of candidates nominated at the February Council meeting by the standing CUAA Council members. Two positions are held by the most recent past presidents of the CUAA Council. The remaining positions may be held by any alumni, regardless of their current position on the council.


Kay Nordstrom, ME 1977 (Chair)
Susan Shaw, A 1972
Darrell Low, EE 1989
Laura Spinner, A 1989
James Liubicich, ChE 1983
Elizabeth Graziolo, AR 1995
Stephen Vederese, EE 1984
Daniel P. Burke, Esq., ChE 1981
Tim Lim, CE 2012
Scott Lyne, ChE 1992Nils Folke Anderson A’94 – Past President
John Leeper AR’85 – Past President

Shankar Venkataraman, BSE 2003
Curtis B. Wayne, AR 1975
Anthony Manganiello, CE 2006
Nick Vargas, CE 2006
Dennis Kong, IDE 2008

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs, with the exception of the Nominating Committee, are appointed by the President from the body of current council members. The Nominating Committee Chair is held by the person who received the highest number of votes in the nominating committee election.

For all Committee details, see the Committee Page. Anyone – council members or general alumni may serve on a committee. Only Council members can chair the standing committees, any alumna may chair an Ad Hoc committee.


As a Council member, there are a few technologies that are important for you to have access to. The following are critical for our interaction.

  • An email account
  • Registration on this website.  This is required to vote in CUAA elections and receive CUAA emails.
  • A LinkedIn account that is connected to the CUAA group:
  • A Facebook account plus membership on the CUAA FaceBook page which is accomplished by liking the FB page.  You don’t have to post anything about yourself, but we use Facebook for events and communication,  Notices about meeting changes and links for Live Streamed events

A full list of technologies used by the Council is here: