The CUAA Annual Fund would like to THANK YOU, the 2,184 Alumni who collectively gifted over $3,098,453 to our Alma Mater in fiscal year 2021-2022!  

There were 50 new Alumni who chose last year to begin giving back to Cooper. Our goal at the Annual Fund Committee has been to increase participation from all Alumni regardless of the amount you can give.  Every additional contributor is valuable. You may select where to target your donation from the drop down menu. Targeted allocations include student “Wellness and Mental Health”, “Emergency Financial Aid”, “Athletics” and “Friends of the Great Hall” programming.

A special thank you to the existing and new members of the Alumni Giving societies listed here: CU Lifetime Giving Societies

The Cooper Union is steadily moving forward towards the plan to reinstate full scholarships. Gift giving and fundraising remains a critical component.

All Alumni are stewards of Peter Cooper’s legacy. By each of us paying it forward, we ensure that future talented students of Art, Architecture and Engineering have access to the same great education as we did without being saddled with excessive debt. 

Our biggest Alumni participation in recent years was 2017-2018 where 2,969 Alumni chose to give back.  It would be amazing to surpass that number this year! 

Please continue your support of Cooper and PAY IT FORWARD!

Thank you,

Mariam Cantelmi AR’95

CUAA Annual Fund Chairperson