The Cooper Union Alumni Association (CUAA) provides a vital link between the alumni and the institution, building a strong body of support to preserve, protect and promote The Cooper Union.

Major Objectives

  • Service to Alumni
    Develop and manage a broad range of programs, events and services that foster career development among the alumni and enable alumni to maintain strong relationships with their fellow alumni and with the institution.
  • Service to the School
    Engage the alumni in actively supporting the mission of the school by harnessing the skills, abilities and experiences of the alumni body for the benefit of The Cooper Union.
  • Recognition
    Recognize and promote the achievements of its alumni and the institution to students, alumni and the external community to highlight the importance of The Cooper Union.

Major Strategies 

  • Sponsor a year-round program of events and activities that encourages alumni participation.
  • Support a Class Representatives organization and regional chapters, where appropriate, to engage alumni throughout the country.
  • Maintain effective online and printed communications to facilitate contact between alumni, career networking and greater awareness of activities at The Cooper Union and the CUAA.
  • Provide awards and recognition to celebrate the professional achievements of the alumni.
  • Continually evaluate its structure, programs and services to promote exceptional communication with alumni, ever-expanding inclusiveness and ongoing growth in Association capabilities.
  • Select alumni representatives to the Board of Trustees and faculty liaison committees.

Constitution & By-Laws

The CUAA Constitution Passed by Referendum Vote April 2016CUAA Constitution
The CUAA By-Laws Passed by Council Vote May 2022Schedule-A-By-Laws
The CUAA Conflict of Interest Policy Passed by Council Vote September 2016Schedule-B-Conflict-of-Interest-Policy
The CUAA Certificate of Amendment Passed by Council Vote September 2016CUAA Certificate of Amendment

The CU Alumni Affairs Office

The Cooper Union Alumni Office is not part of the CUAA. It is a department within the college that the CUAA partners with to support both the Cooper Union and the alumni. The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development works to inspire others to come back and give back to The Cooper Union, through their time, effort, and financial support as our partners for a better future.  They partner with the CUAA on fundraising for the school, numerous events, and communications with alumni. They also provide a searchable on-line alumni directory.

The Cooper Union Alumni Office website is You can contact the Cooper Union Alumni Office at (212) 353-4164, or visit the staff directory to find the appropriate contact.