The Alumnus of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding alumna or alumnus for their longstanding dedication and commitment to the Cooper Union Alumni Association and The Cooper Union.
2024 Laura Spinner A’90

2023 Kelly Occhiuzzo- Zack Art ’90

Kelly Occhiuzzo-Zack Art’90

2022 Kay Nordstrom ME’77 Kay Nordstrom ME’77
2021 Susan Shaw A’72 Susan Shaw A’72
2020  Darrell Low EE’89 Darrell Low EE’89
2019 Robert Tan AR’81 Robert Tan AR’81
2018  Nils Folke Anderson A’94 Nils Folke Anderson A’94
2017  James Liubicich ChE’83

James Liubicich ChE’83

2017 Carol E. Wolf A’84

Carol E. Wolf A’84

2016 Adrian Burton Jovanovic BSC ’89

Adrian Burton Jovanovic BSE ’89

2015 Mary K. Lynch, ChE’82

Mary K. Lynch, ChE'82 at 215 Founders Day

Mary K. Lynch, ChE’82

2014 Sean Cusack, BSE ’98

Sean Cusack

Sean Cusack, BSE’98

2013 MaryAnn Nichols, A ’68Dean Stephen P. Baker (Honorary)

MaryAnn Nichols at 2012 Founcers Day

MaryAnn Nichols A’68

Dean Baker, 2012 Honorary Alumnus of The Year

Dean Baker, Honorary Alumnus of The Year

2012 John Leeper AR’85

John Leeper at Founders Day 2012

John F. Leeper AR’85

2011 Mina Greenstein A’56

Karina Tipton CE'99 and Mina Greenstein A'56

Karina Tipton CE’99 and Mina Greenstein A’56

2010 Charles Cassella EE’68,Eleanor Baum (Honorary)
Charles Cassella EE68

Charles Cassella EE’68


Eleanor Baum

2009 John Huddy AR’85

John Huddy

John Huddy, AR’85

2008 Ron Weinstein CE’67

Ron Weinstein CE’67

2007 Ronald W. Drucker CE’62

Ron Drucker

Ron Drucker CE’62

2006 Martin Trust ME’56


Martin Trust ME’56

2005 William Sandholm CE’63,Robert Bernhard (Honorary)

William Sandholm CE’63

2004 Benjamin Eisenberg ChE’61, Susan Eisenberg CE’62
2003 Willard Warren EE’50


Willard (Bill) Warren EE’50

2002 Mark Epstein A’76, Art Zigas ME ’44

mark epstein

Mark Epstein, A’78

2001 Richard Schwartz ME’57


Richard Schwartz ME’57

2000 John Jay Iselin (honorary)

John J. Islelin

John J. Islelin

1999 Peter Torraco ME’28

Peter Torroco ME'28

Peter Torroco, ME’28

1998 Albert Carnesale ME’57


Albert Carnesale ME’57

1997 Howard Flagg EE’75 Benedict Itri EE’75

Howard S Flagg EE75

Howard Flagg EE’75

1996 Michael Borkowsky ME’61,Cecily Fox (honorary)


Michael Borkowsky ME’61

1995 Larry Ng EE’78


Larry Ng EE’78

1994 Barbara White Fishman A’60
1993 Carl Selinger CE’67

Carl Selinger CE’67

1992 George Hecht EE’30 
1991 Albert Nerken ChE’33 (Alumnus-of-the-Decade)Marylyn Gore (honorary)Vera Neumann A’28
Clarence Hornung A’19 (Bicentennial Award)

Vera Neumann

Vera Neumann A’28

1990 Alan Green (Honorary) **
1989 Frank Miner ChE’47
1988 John Clarke AR’66


John Clarke AR’66

1987 Clarence Michalis (Honorary)
1986 Jack Yogman ChE’48

New pic of Jack Yogman

Jack Yogman ChE’48

1985 H.Carl Bauman EE’36
1984 Robert Wagner ME’59
1983 Bernard Levine EE’44  
1982 Richard Bowman (Honorary)Irwin Chanin BSE’15


Irwin Chanin BSE’15

1981 D. Bert Haring ME’46Frank Stanton (Honorary)
1980 Herbert Lubalin A’39Louis Dorfsman A’39

Air Mail Stamp designed by Herb Lubalin

Air Mail Stamp designed by Herb Lubalin

1979 Rudolph Aronson AR’29John F. White (Honorary)Irwin Appel EE’26
1978 Howard Silfin ME’49

Howard Silfin ME’49

1977 Jack Glicksman A’31
John Carroll CE’33

John Carroll CE’33

1976 Albert Nerken CHE’33
1975 Paul Parisi CE’50
1974 Arnold Levien AR 1910
1973 Charles Schaffner CE ’41

Charles Schaffner CE’41

1972 Herman Jessor BSE 1917
1971 George Fox CE’40  Fox-George-1
1970 John Lanigan CE’32
1969 Marilyn Hoffner A’48 Al Greenberg A’48  Hoffner, Marilyn - Portrait from her
1968 Martin Weissburg EE’29
1967 Frederick Krug Eng 1917
1966 Benjamin Gross EE 1913


Bemjamin Gross EE’33

1965 Philip Brueck Eng’33
1964 Herbert Roemmele Eng 1925
1963 William Lukacs A’28
1962 James D. Carroll ME’29

James D Carroll ME’29

1961 David Samson Eng 1924
1958 Pearl Greenberg A’48
George Burrows Eng 1907
Matthew Becker EE 1921
1957 Joseph Rofman Eng’28Jack Gould ME 1927Frederick Caiola Eng 1917


Jack Gould ME 1927

1956 Irving Fisher Eng 1917
J. Johnson Eng 1905
Anthony Daidone Eng 1923
1955 Charles Goodman Eng 1905
Leo Wallerstein Eng 1904
Joseph Meltzer Eng 1910
1954 Christian Weaver Eng 1903
Carl Bussow Eng 1922
Meyer Meadow Eng 1918
1952 Hudson Searing Eng 1916 

sketch of Hudson Searing black n white

Hudson Searing Eng’16