Young Alumnus Award Winners

The Young Alumnus Award was established in 2003 to recognize recent alumni who have provided exemplary volunteerism and public service to The Cooper Union Alumni Association.

2024 Standish Lee AR’11

Standish Lee AR’11

2021 Anna Brook Eng’04 Anna Brook Eng’04
2018 Shankar Venkataraman BSE’03

Shankar Venkataraman BSE’03

2017 Ciera Lowe ChE’14

Ciera Lowe ChE’14

2016 Kelly Smolar, CE’07

Kelly Smolar ME’07

2015 Yinna Wang, A’07

Yinna Wang, 2015 Young Alumnus of the Year

Yinna Wang

2014 Alexis Lenza, CE’05
Henry Chapman, A’10
Victoria Sobel, A’13

Alexis Lenza, CE’05


Henry Chapman, A’10


Victoria Sobel, A’13

2011 Karina Tipton CE’99


Karina Tipton, CE’99

2009 Rocco Cetera CE’99

Rocco Cetera CE'99

Rocco Cetera CE’99

2007 Athena Caramichael DeNivo CE’94/MCE’97

Athena DeNivo

Athena DeNivo CE’94

2004 Margaret Janzen CE’93, Rebecca Uss AR’90, Miriam Vidal CE’93

Margaret Janzen

Margaret Janzen CE’93

2003 Yash Risbud EE’92/MEE’94

yash risbud

Yash Risbud EE’92/MEE’94