Running For: Council


I knew in grammar school that I wanted to be an engineer, and have been gratified to practice my entire adult life.  In fact, I am still practicing now at 73, although only part time and no longer as an equity Principal.  What I enjoy most at this stage of my career is mentoring young engineers and architects, and I consider this a payback to the profession and to all the wonderful engineers who mentored me.  It is a pleasure, an honor and an obligation.  My studies focused on structural engineering, including a Ph.D from Northwestern University, but my interests eventually moved toward building science.  I never thought I would become one of the industry leaders in diagnosing building leakage and condensation problems.  I was even elected a Fellow of ASTM for my work in building forensics and testing.

Campaign Statement

Like so many of us, I could not have obtained the quality education and strong launch in my engineering career without Cooper Union.  My deep gratitude to and appreciation for Cooper Union has been challenged by a long series of questionable administrative decisions.  I could almost understand the sale of Green Camp, but tuition was a bridge too far.  While I contributed every year out of a sense of obligation, there recently was little satisfaction in doing so.  I confess I felt that I no longer knew Cooper Union and that it had abandoned its mission.  I could not see future generations benefiting the way I and my classmates had benefited. With the encouragement of my wife and the prospect of seeing my classmates of 50 years ago, I attended my 50th reunion.  I am so glad that I did.  I saw that under new leadership and intense involvement of the entire Cooper community, our school is on a path back to its mission and fulfilling our founder’s vision. I would like to be part of that effort by serving on the Alumni Council.

CE ’67

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