Campaign Statement

I believe strongly in the “union” part of The Cooper Union. It is through unity that we will continue to best support and execute the mission of our alma mater. In my previous terms on the Alumni Council — a pair of which were prior to the change in tuition model — I have seen the way the collective Cooper community has navigated challenges. It has not always been pretty, so to speak. However, I am happy to see that the CUAA Council is evolving to become a more organized, goal-oriented and engaged body within the Cooper community. As alumni, I believe we bring a unique perspective and responsibility to the table. Through the work of the CUAA, we are able to express that perspective and fulfill that responsibility in a very direct fashion.

My professional focus at IEEE includes establishing key strategic relationships with both internal and external partners in the spaces of technology and the arts, while also establishing and reestablishing key partnerships with staff and volunteers within IEEE. I mention this because I believe that my background in relationship development in a volunteer, non-profit setting brings a key competency to the CUAA. As such, I am committed to continue working to (re)build relationships in support of the CUAA’s goals, which, in turn, support the broader CU mission. I hope you allow me to continue serving the CUAA and The Cooper Union by re-electing me to a position on the CUAA Council.


Mark A. Vasquez (ME ’88) is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with over 25 years of experience in association management at IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. He currently serves as the program manager for IEEE TechEthics (, a program that drives conversations about the ethical and societal impacts of technology. In this capacity, he works to develop relationships with others in the technology ethics community, produces events, convenes thought leaders, and more.

While at Cooper, Mark was presented with the award for Outstanding Service to the School, due to serving on the Senior Council, establishing the school’s first association for Hispanic students (Amigos), being a freshman counselor multiple times, serving on the Athletic Committee, and more. He continued to serve the school after graduation by being elected to the Alumni Council for multiple terms. Has also been a Class Rep and served on the CUAA Events Committee and Art Auction & Casino Night Committee.


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