Alumni Executive Council Meeting
November 07, 2018

Attendees: Paul Nikulin, Nils Folke Anderson, Mary Lynch, Carol Wolf, Steven Verderese, Cristina Ross, Ron Vogel, Kay Nordstrom, Laura Spinner, James Rolling Jr.

  • Meeting began at 6:30 in the Alumni Space
  • Paul Nikulin announced that the NY State portion of the 501 (3) (c) filing are done.  Need to finish tax filings and some other documents for the Federal portion.  He mentioned that we do not have a report on the block party yet.
  • Carol Wolf gave an update on the Annual Alumni Giving. She said that she recently had a great conference call with Jennifer Durst and Dan Zori during which, they put together a shared communication schedule.  The school messaging will use the phrase “Annual Giving” in lieu of “Annual Fund.” The next meeting will be on 11/20/18.  A donor will match the donations of young alumni gifts, given up until December 31st.   The alumni giving goal for participation this year is 27%.  We need 2000 alumni gifts by the end of December to stay on track for this goal.
  • Laura Spinner gave an update on the planning for the CUAA Awards celebration in 2019.  She said that she is meeting with personal from the school alumni office tomorrow to finalize the date and location.  She said that she is looking for volunteers to make posters, design invitations, design the program, and for contacting sources in the press.  She said the plan is to announce the award winners on Founder’s Day.
  • Paul Nikulin said that one of his take-aways from Ringwood event is that some alumni like weekend events where they can bring children.  He mentioned that the Alumni office is planning several regional Cooper Coming Together events for Founder’s Day which we will help promote.
  • Ron Vogel mentioned that he would like to plan an evening beer event at Cooper’s Craft.  They will be brewing a special beer named for Peter Cooper to serve at this event.
  • James Rolling Jr. explained his plans for an alumni meetup for alumni living in the Syracuse area.  He is looking into getting a group together to attend a Syracuse basketball game on a Saturday.  Tentatively thinking of February 9th, because it is close to Founder’s Day. 
  • Next Exec. Committee Meeting is scheduled for November 29th, but that will be moved because Paul Nikulin can not make that date.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM. 

Minuets recorded by Mary Lynch, CUAA Secretary