Alumni Executive Council Meeting
October 9, 2018

Attendees: Carol Wolf, Steven Verderese, Daniel Zori, Margaret Matz, Cristina Ross, Paul Nikulin, Standish Lee, Ron Vogel, and Robert Tan.

  • Meeting began at 6:40.
  • Thanks to Daniel Zori, Assistant Director Alumni Affairs, for joining us.
    • Daniel is keen to work together with CUAA on ideas and strategies, engage class and regional representatives.
    • Attendees introduced themselves to Daniel.
  • Paul Nikulin highlighted series of events over the last month
    • Previewed upcoming events: Ringwood Manor and Javits Green Roof tours and Student/Alumni Thanksgiving event held in 4th Floor lounge (Frankie’s).
    • Potential new events are event around Kevin Slavin opening at gallery on Kenmare Street, and event around Cooper Union sports event.
  • MOA meeting to be held on 10/15/18.
  • Unofficial agreement for seating for trustees in June and December to ensure that there is always proper representation.
  • Nomination committee met on 10/3/18. Teams set up for officers and council nominations.
  • Academic. Meetings were held with Dean of Art, Mike Essl – discussed art exhibitions at Fish House and various proposals for alumni art auctions.
    • Potential meeting with outgoing Dean of Engineering, Richard Stock.
  • Annual fund update: $403,000 as of today.
    • Annual Fund Committee and Development Office to meet and discuss potentially rebranding message for restricted and unrestricted fundraising.
  • Discussions with school on CUAA budget is in progress. Issues with multiple 501(c)(3) status.  
  • Support for using FaceBook to boost the exposure of our requests for nominations for Founder’s Day awards and or CUAA ballot.
  • Tasks to design a proper design a website.
    • Research how much to design a new website. Johnny Greenspan potential designer. 
  • Next Council meeting will be November 1st on second floor.
    • President Laura Starks will address strategic planning at 6:30 PM. 
  • Next Exec. Committee Meeting will be on November 7th, in the Alumni Space at 6:30 PM

Minuets recorded by Ron Vogel, Communications Chair