December 3, 2020 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 6:36pm

Margaret Matz opened the meeting.

Laura Spinner attended to present regarding Awards (and left after her presentation). Yvette Francis attended a portion of the meeting to address holiday cards.

Anna Brook presented the minutes from the November 5 Executive Committee Meeting. Proposed edits were incorporated. The November 5 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent. Anna Brook presented the minutes from the November 11 Executive Committee Meeting. Proposed edits were incorporated. The November 11 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent.

Margaret Matz said that students raised concerns regarding equity and diversity. She noted that the petition on diversity that was circulated several months ago was a topic at a recent meeting between students and Board members. Mary Lynch noted that students on the Motorsports Team seemed to be doing well.

Rob Marano reported that Giving Tuesday totals exceeded the goal of $600k and that the tally is still coming in and is now over $740k. Rob had calls from alumni who expressed that they are being “reminded” to give more and more. On the other side, some older alumni reached out thanking Rob for reminding them to donate. Anna Brook said that Cooper Union asked CUAA to forward multiple emails that were also sent out by Cooper Union and that amount of emails was too many and resulted in alumni asking to be taken off the mailing list. Lynn Lander said he would write to Eric and Brian with CUAA’s views on effective communications.

Mary Lynch also said that she received comments that there were too many emails. Mary, Rob, and Lynn agreed that CUAA should not send duplicates of Cooper Union emails. Mary said that CUAA has in the past sent emails about the same events or topics as Cooper Union, but they were different from Cooper Union’s.

Laura Spinner addressed Awards. She noted that the awards have been approved, the initial information was submitted, and has been sent over to the school. Awards will be presented during the week of Cooper Together in February that is being planned by the school. The ceremony will be pre-recorded. There will potentially be a Q&A with the four Founder’s Day Award winners.

 Margaret Matz spoke about Yvette Francis’ card writing campaign. Mary Lynch said that it was important to send to alums who are in nursing homes. Anna Brook asked how accurate the addresses are that we are going to receive. Mary Lynch asked that everyone involved in the project at least check the CUAA in memoriam page because Cooper Union has not been good at updating the lists. Rob Marano and Margaret Matz offered to split the costs of the cards.

With regard to membership, Margaret Matz said that she and Jim will try to strengthen the Chicago chapter. Mary said there is a strong presence in Chicago.

Anna Brook asked about the status of the Communications Chair. Margaret Matz said that Bernie Codd wanted to step down by the end of December. Margaret and Bernie hoped to have a new chair appointed in time for a transition period. Margaret has been speaking with potential chairs for the committee.

Mary Lynch asked about the reason for the Dec. 17 council meeting. Margaret said that the previous year, Carol Wolf instituted a big fundraising push at the end of the year and asking Council members to be class ambassadors to help with fundraising. Mary suggested that for fundraising, it would be best to have a fundraising workshop.

Yvette Francis joined the meeting to address the card writing campaign. Lynn Lander asked what the criteria for alumni were. Yvette had asked for 150 of the oldest alumni for whom Cooper Union has viable addresses. She has not received a list yet.

Anna Brook said that the cards should be inclusive for those alumni who don’t celebrate anything or celebrate other holidays. The group chose a card with “happy holidays and a joyful new year.” Mary Lynch suggested asking Cooper Union if they have any stickers left and she will contact Cooper Union to see if any are left.

There was discussion regarding planning for the December 17 council meeting, and whether to focus the agenda on fundraising. Rob Marano suggested a push for fundraising, including social media campaign guidance. Mary suggested that there be workshops on how to email one’s class, but that would require planning with the school to give people access. Anna Brook suggested that copy should be ready to provide to volunteers who agree to send emails or post on social media.

Anna Brook moved to adjourn the meeting. Lynn Lander seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.