Written by Allen Irwin BSE’02 and Sean Cusack BSE’98

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Call for Blogs

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Working Group

Nov 23, Barry Drogin EE’83 comments on the current state of the ongoing Working Group.

Nov 26, Kevin Slavin A’95 and incoming Alumni Trustee, discussed an article on the WSJ and how it relates to the Working Group at Cooper.

Dec 4, Barry Drogin EE’83 posted a picture of the Working Group presenting to the Board Executive Committee.

Dec 10, Sean Cusack BSE’98 shared the CUAA/Friends of Cooper/Free Cooper joint statement in support of the Working Group Plan. Henry Chapman A’10 as well. At the same time, Free Cooper released their own Repeal Tuition Now statement.

Dec 11, Barry Drogin EE’83 posts a game to ask people what they think are in the Working Group Report, to award points when the report comes out, and also elicit some new ideas.

Dec 11, Barry Drogin EE’83 posts a picture from the Board Meeting, showing the new Student Trustee, Devora Najjar ChE’16.

Dec 12, Barry Drogin EE’83 posts StudentActivism’s article on the Working Group.

Working Group Report analysis threads posted by Sangu Iyer CE’99Barry Drogin EE’83

Working group analysis from Barry Drogin EE’83 and hereCasey van Gollan A’14 and hereSean Cusack BSE’98.

Joe Riley A’13 comments on the Working Group Report and asks whether the Space Utilization Committee had any Art school input when making very large suggestions that affect Art School space.

Joe Riley A’13 posted the Board campus notice from new Chairman Robert Lincer, regarding their review of the Working Group Report.

Kevin Slavin A’95 comments on Board meetings and the Working Group report here and here.

Dec 15, Casey van Gollan A’14 discusses how the Working Group Report deserves to be on the front page carousels of both cooper.edu and cualumni.com.

Dec 16, Robert Schill AR’81 discusses some concerns with the Working Group Report.

On Dec 18, Sean Cusack BSE’98 shared the Minority Report that was distributed by Dean Dahlberg to the Engineering Faculty.

1859 Campaign

Barry Drogin EE’83 starts the drive to donate to support the Working Group.

Nils Folke Anderson A’94 posted about his 1859 campaign.

M’Liz Keefe A’85 is auctioning off 3 $1000 paintings to bring in money for the 1859 campaign.

Brian Rose A’79 is offering 50% of his book earnings to the 1859 campaign, if you purchase here.

Janet Gardner A’65 is auctioning off DVD’s of her Mechanic to Millionaire movie, to make money for the 1859 campaign.

Sean Cusack BSE’98 offers to match 1859 donations!

December Board Meeting

On Dec 9, The CUAA Page posted the Board’s letter acknowledging the acceptance of Devora Najjar ChE’16 as the first ever Student Representative to the Board. Devora Najjar responds here.

Cooper Union Task Force posted a comparison of old and new Trustee members and here.

Paula Hewitt Amram A’85 (Open Road) asked about the new Trustee positions posted.

Dec 12, Paul Miller posted the December 2013 board report.

History and Spiritual Support

Chemistry Prof Robert Topper and Sean Cusack BSE’98 post a quote of Peter Cooper’s message to the students of the Cooper Union in 1871.

Bill Wolf A’84 posts a photo of his first-edition Cooper Charter, Trust, Deed, and By-Laws!

Sean Cusack BSE’98 posted his essay “Everlasting Protest”, as a message of hope and support for the Board as they evaluate the Working Group Plan.

Free Expression and Code of Conduct

On Dec 10, Jenny Eagleton A’13 discusses the Ping Pong protest and the several campus notices that went out in response to it, and here. Also Casey van Gollan A’14Mike Essl A’96Harrison Cullen,

Dec 13, Mark Epstein A’76 and Board Chairman Emeritus comments on a NY post article regarding stricter regulations against protesters, and others discuss the implications.

On Dec 5, Kerry Carnahan CE’00 discusses the broadcast emails from President Bharucha and Chairman Epstein, regarding the Ping Pong Ball protest, free expression, and the school’s communication policies.

On Dec 5, Carol Wolf questions the code of conduct of the Trustees, with regards to their handling of the code of conduct of the school.

On Dec 5, Joe Riley A’13 discussed the Code of Conduct, as did Carol Wolf A’84.

News and Miscellaneous

Ethan Elenberg transcribed a conversation with then-Chairman Mark Epstein A’76 from several months ago. 

On Nov 25, Dan Quang commented on the mental health policies of the school, as did Ben Schencker.

Mike Essl A’96 discusses his concerns about the armed guard inspection job requirement for new Director of Public Safety.

On Dec 4, Jon Cuba brings up for discussion the ever important question of why donate to a non-free Cooper Union.

On Dec 5, Cooper Union Faculty released some admissions numbers published by President Bharucha.

Casey van Gollan A’14 discusses Free Cooper’s encore presentation of “Politics of Destruction”, a re-enactment of the leaked Trustee transcript from last year.

Dec 13, James Liubicich ChE’83 asks about the interest rate on the MetLife loan and what can be done about that, to reduce our debt service.

Dec 16, M’Liz Keefe A’85 posts a gawker article regarding the most overpaid college presidents in America, and several people discuss how this applies our past and present presidents.

Dec 18, it’s announced that Free Cooper will be debuting at Sundance Festival!

Dec 18, Karina Tipton CE’99 called into WNYC to talk up the Working Group and Cooper staying free in 2014, and Sean Cusack BSE’98 clipped the audio and posted it here.


Lots of news, though not much discussion this past month on @CooperAlumni, @CooperTaskForce, and @FriendsOfCooper. Check out the @FreeCooperUnion stream for a lot of links and photos over the past month, primarily regarding theWorking Group plan, Silent Prez protest, the proposed Code of Conduct, the final #TwoWeeksOfLeaks documents, and Free Cooper’sping pong ball drop protest.


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