5 Mar 2024 - 13:00

Peter Lynch AR’84 will be part of an event at the AA in London on March 5, 2024 that celebrates the late Professor Diane Lewis,
Nuance and Intimacy in the Architecture of the City.” The event was organized by alumna Yael Hameiri Sainsaux AR’10. Anna Kostreva AR’09 and Holger Kleine AR’90 will also make presentations.
It is a continuation of Yael’s “Conceiving the Plan” project, dedicated to Diane Lewis.

Diane Lewis was one of Cooper’s most loved professors, the first woman to hold a full professorship, an important figure in the legacy of the school. Her arguments and observations about the city and the practice of architecture are brilliant and should figure larger in today’s discourse about the contemporary city.

The event will be livestreamed: https://youtube.com/live/LmM-gRuN4Gs?feature=share It begins at 18:00 London local time — 1:00 PM New York time.