February 8, 2021 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 7:00pm

Margaret Matz opened the meeting.

Brendan Fernes (Vice Chair) attended on behalf of the Annual Fund Committee in place of Chair Rob Marano.

Anna Brook presented the minutes from the December 3 Executive Committee Meeting. There were no proposed edits. The December 3 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent (motion made by Mary Lynch, seconded by Lynn Lander). Anna Brook presented the minutes from the January 12 Executive Committee Meeting. A proposed edit was incorporated. The January 12 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent (motion made by Lynn Lander, seconded by Cristina Ross).

Ron Vogel reported that he is starting to reach out to committee chairs to begin setting the budget for the following year. Margaret Matz raised the issues that an outdated address was on the bank account, that there was one signatory for some time instead of two, and that the CUAA’s current bank is not very user-friendly.

Lynn Lander made a motion that the Treasurer investigate alternate banks. Cristina Ross seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Margaret Matz began a conversation regarding the MOA and instituting an ad hoc committee. She mentioned potential nominees to chair the committee. Margaret suggested that communications should be an important item for the MOA. Mary Lynch said that a key issue would be access to contact info for alumni, which has not been provided to the CUAA since 2014. She also said that the committee should comprise alumni who have historical knowledge of the committee. Carol Wolf said that she, Nils, and Karina Tipton served on the committee. Lynn Lander agreed that the system for keeping track of alumni needs improvement. Anna Brook noted that it may be better to pursue goals such as getting communications lists in parallel and separately from an MOA so that those endeavors do not get held up. Mary Lynch said that while relations are friendly with the administration, things can be done, but the MOA would set out CUAA’s rights and things that they can request from the school. Margaret Matz said CUAA should proceed on two trajectories.

Carol Wolf moved to reconstitute the MOA committee. Lynn Lander seconded. The motion passed.

Margaret Matz nominated Anna Brook to serve as Chair of the MOA Committee. Carol Wolf moved to approve Anna Brook as Chair the MOA Committee, Cristina Ross seconded the motion. The motion passed. (Anna Brook was not present at the meeting during deliberations and voting on the motion.)

Margaret Matz addressed the upcoming elections. Mary Lynch noted that it is imperative to set a schedule that includes items such as registering for the election, and the time for the elections. Lynn Lander suggested tentative dates for elections from March 15 to May 1. Carol Wolf suggested holding Meet the Candidates on the first night of the election and the idea was favorably received.

Margaret Matz provided an update that the Constitution Committee has been meeting regularly to address language in the By-Laws. Mary Lynch reminded the Executive Committee that the Constitution Committee was tasked with checking whether everything that was asked to be put into the By-Laws made it in and identify what did not.

Bernie Codd reported that the Communications Committee is ready to work with the Elections Committee to publicize dates relating to the elections. The next Newsletter is scheduled to be distributed in March, close to the proposed date for Meet the Candidates Night. Carol Wolf asked if Cooper Together will be featured in the newsletter and there was discussion regarding the format and amount of coverage.

Margaret Matz turned to the question of the role of Alumni Trustee liaison to the CUAA. Lynn Lander clarified the role of the BOT representative is to provide the Nominating Committee with an understanding of the skill bases that the Board of Trustees needs in a new Trustee, nothing else. This is intended to help the Nominating Committee in their process for selecting candidates for the Alumni Trustee position. Margaret added that that information was consistent with other information she received from Laura Sparks and Malcolm King.

Lynn Lander moved to adjourn the meeting. Carol Wolf seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 pm.