February 8, 2023 – Held via Zoom and at Cooper Union

Meeting started at 6:36 pm.

Approximately 25 alumni participated.

Robert Tan (President) opened the meeting.

Ciera Lowe (Awards Committee Chair) asked that everyone attend the awards ceremony if they are in the New York area and described the plan for the awards ceremony. The event will be live streamed. Robert Tan added that awardees from 2021 and 2022 will be celebrated since those ceremonies were remote.

Doug Sharrott (Elections Committee) reported that a test election was run on the new proposed election platform, Election Buddy. Upgrades include that the order of candidates will be randomized, there will be rank-choice voting for alumni trustee, the bios and candidate statements will be accessible on the ballot, there will be an “abstain” option. There will be no re-voting once a ballot is cast. The registration deadline will be March 12, 2023, but new registrants can be added after that. Meet the Candidates night will be March 15. The election will start after Meet the Candidates and will end April 30. Laura Spinner asked for more details for Meet the Candidates Night. Doug responded it would start at 6:30 and there are discussions regarding whether to have a hybrid event or all in-person. Mary Lynch said that alumni running for council are encouraged to attend and be available to meet with attendees informally. Felicia Zussman asked if text message reminders are a possibility for future elections. Doug responded that text messages are an option but will not be used in the upcoming election.

Laura Spinner (Nominating Committee Chair) proposed that council members think about what positions they want to run for in the future. Laura presented the slate of candidates.

There are two alumni trustee positions. The candidates are: Stephen Welby ChE’87, Eva Zuckerman A’05, Marshall Rafal ChE’63, James Haywood Rolling Jr., EdD A’91.

President: Ron Vogel

Treasurer: Bernie Codd

Secretary: Anna Brook

VP Student/Faculty Liaison: Claudia Giordano A’76, Mary K. Lynch ChE’82

VP of Events: Kelly Occhiuzzo-Zack A’90, Paul Seletsky AR’82

Council: Emily Adamo A’17, Michael David Brathwaite A’78, Robert Buxbaum ChE’76, Harry Donas ChE’83, Barry Drogin EE’83, David Ellison AR’83, Kourosh Ghaemmaghami ChE’21, Patrick Girvin AR’88, Maria Giudice A’85, Rick Krivo Eng’90, Michelle Lederer AR’92, Mary K. Lynch ChE’82, Sascha Mombartz A’09, Sanjina Rao ME’22, Dr. George Saviano Phy’77, Gregory Skiano A’12, Kelly Smolar ME’07, MME’11

Robert Tan moved to approve the slate presented by Laura Spinner on behalf of the Nominating Committee. Laura Spinner seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The Council provided nominations for the Nominating Committee.

  1. Lou Manzione
  2. Hope Wade
  3. Cristina Ross
  4. Dennis Kong
  5. Bernie Codd
  6. Claudia Giordano
  7. Felicia Zussman
  8. Anna Brook
  9. Doug Sharrott
  10. Michelle Lederer
  11. Scott Lyne
  12. Andrew Keane

Bernie Codd (Communications Committee Co-Chair) reported that Linda Strong started to organize the Google Workspace drive for all committees.  The website redesign process is starting.

Robert Tan reported that Annual Fund participation rate is low. Last year to date participation rate was higher. The average donation per donor has increased, but there is a loss of smaller donors. Robert Tan reported that not all council members have donated this year.

Bernie Codd asked regarding fundraising for CUAA for 501(c)(3) status. Robert Tan responded that the school found a pathway for the school to submit certain documents such that CUAA will not need to do separate fundraising. The proposal is still in review.

Donato Giacalone reported he attended Architecture Faculty meetings. The search for a Dean continues. Donato reported there are more than 300 undergrad applications for approximately 27 positions.

Robert Tan suggested a dinner for the graduating seniors to be organized by the Events and Membership Committees.

Anna Brook (CUAA Secretary) presented the November 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes. Edits were addressed and incorporated. The November 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent.

Robert Tan moved to adjourn. Anna Brook seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.