Dear Cooper Community,
We do hope that this message reaches each of you well, especially during these trying times. As Cooper Union continues to adapt and persevere throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we in the CUAA work alongside the school’s Administration to ensure that our students continue to receive the highest quality of education. To that end, we’ve started a new initiative to reach 100% participation from Alumni in donating to Annual Fund. We encourage every alumna and alumnus to contribute, regardless of how much. Not only will this foster an increased sense of community but will also be key in incentivizing outside donors to donate to our alma mater. Full participation shows to outside donors that those that have received a Cooper education believe that it is a cause worth donating towards.

Thank you to our fellow alumni that have already made donations to our Annual Fund. These donations play an essential part in supporting the next generation of Cooper students. We’ve taken the time to personally talk to current students, and they are beyond grateful for the contributions that alumni have made. We on the Annual Fund Committee are currently brainstorming additional ideas to complement students’ experiences in order to demonstrate how alumni add value to their Cooper Union education in addition to financial donations, encouraging giving of our time, talent, and treasure to our alma mater. These activities will help our students in their journey through Cooper Union in preparation to join the workforce, as well as reinforce the need to give to our school to get it back to full tuition scholarships as part of Cooper Union’s 10-Year Plan. Contact us if you’d like to help form, storm, norm these ideas and turn them into action.

Thank you; be well, and stay safe!
Brendan Frenes, Vice-Chair
Robert Marano, Chair
CUAA Annual Fund Committee, 2020-2021