January 24, 2022 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 12:00pm

The Executive Committee met to address proposed edits to the By Laws. Robert Tan explained that the Executive Committee would vote on the edits, which would then be proposed to Council and reviewed by the Constitution Committee.

A council member is anyone in an elected position, and a member is anyone in the alumni body. Mary Lynch stated that it is important to clarify who is invited to meetings. The secretary needs to invite Council Members inclusive of officers, past presidents, and trustees.

Mary Lynch noted that in-person meetings need to be mindful about attendance to adhere to room capacity.

Cristina Ross asked to specify how notices are posted and an edit was added to specify that they will be posted on the CUAA website.

Lou asked about removing Officers or Council members. The process was revised to be reviewed by ExComm and then Council.

There was discussion regarding the number of nominees for the nominating committee presented during the relevant council meeting. It was decided to leave at least 12 nominees with ability for the Nominating Committee to solicit additional nominations.

Discussion was held regarding filling Council and officer vacancies. The 36 council members are selected from Alternates by the Nominating Chair. If there are no alternates in the same year, then an alternate from another year is selected.

Term limits were addressed for officers other than the President. Lou Manzione suggested term limits and requirements for a break between years. Mary Lynch suggested limits of 4 consecutive terms. Edits were made to reflect limits on consecutive terms.

Margaret Matz suggested that three people should be maintaining records. Cristina Ross suggested that documents be turned over at least once per year from each responsible person. Lynn Lander suggested that an Audit Committee can be responsible for making sure records are transferred.

Discussion was held regarding past presidents and past alumni trustees being Council members. The Council terms were set for four years for these two groups. Carol Wolf noted that past Presidents or Alumni Trustees can run for Council if they want to maintain voting rights. Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.