May 11, 2022 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 6:39 pm.

Approximately 20 alumni participated.

Anna Brook (CUAA Secretary) opened the meeting.

Lynn Lander (Tellers Committee Chair) presented the results of the 2022 CUAA election.

Alumni Trustee is Anthony Ianno, EE’85. The Cooper Union Board will review and vote whether to seat Anthony.

CUAA Officers results were:

Vice Pres. Alumni Activities: Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack, A ‘90

Vice Pres. Faculty-Student Liaison: Margaret Matz, AR ‘83

Secretary: Anna Brook, BSE ‘04

Treasurer: Ron Vogel, ChE ‘01

Alumni Council Members 2022-2025 (in alphabetical order) results were:

Frank Cantelmi, ME ‘93

Linda Farber-Strong, A ‘92

Claudia Giordano, A ‘76

Alan Ho, CE ‘09

Andrew Keane, CE ‘17

Standish Lee, AR ‘11

Ciera Lowe, ChE ‘14

Peter Lynch, AR ‘84

Chris Mignano. ME ‘21

Shiori Taylor Sasaki, AR ‘14

Doug Sharrott, EE ‘83

Felicia Zusman, BSE ‘98

Alternates (in rank order) results were:

Daphne Binder, AR ‘11

Theo Stewart-Stand, A ‘99

David Ellison, AR ‘83

Nanako Unemoto, AR ‘83

Kristopher Steele, AR ‘13

Taesha Aurora, AR ‘21

Jessie Reiser, AR ‘81

Katherine Borowczak, A ‘10

Sascha Mombartz, A ‘09

August Ventura, AR ‘81

Nominating Committee (in alphabetical order) results were:

Bernard Codd, ChE ‘83

Claudia Giordano, A’ 76

Michelle Lederer, AR ‘92

Standish Lee, AR ‘11

James Liubicich, ChE ‘83

Darrell Low, EE ‘89

Scott Lyne, ChE ‘92

Brian Rose, A ’79

Laura Spinner, A ’89 (Chair)

Ron Vogel, ChE ‘01

Alternates (in rank order) results were:

Chris Mignano, ME ‘21

Steven Keith, AR ‘84

The schools attended by voters were Art (49), Architecture (44), Engineering (171), Other (8).

Sim Blaustein (Elections Committee Chair) commented that the Elections Committee in the past had several voter lists, and this year the CUAA required that all voters be registered to vote through the CUAA website. There was an issue that registration on the CUAA website is not protected from bots. Another issue is that SurveyMonkey batches emails causing a delay and often ends up in spam folders.

There was discussion regarding the project to consolidate databases. Anna Brook updated that the CUAA is consolidating its databases and will then reach agreement with Cooper Union relating to how to compare.

Barry Drogin (Constitution Committee Chair) presented the remaining edits to the By Laws. Edits that do not have different proposals at this time were approved by general consent. Barry addressed the proposal that ad hoc committees will expire at the end of the appointing President’s term, not at the end of each year. Discussion was had regarding the proposals. A vote was held on the language. The original Executive Committee language (ad hoc committees expire at the end of each year) was passed by 2/3 majority (14-3).

Barry addressed proposals regarding whether the Constitution Committee will be ad hoc or a standing committee. Discussion was had regarding the proposals. A vote was held on the language. The original Executive Committee language was passed by a 2/3 majority (14-3).

All proposed edits to the By Laws were voted on and approved. The By Laws will be cleaned up and provided to the Executive Committee for ratification.

Barry Drogin moved to adjourn. Jim Liubicich seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.