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The president presides at all meetings of the Association, the Council and the Executive Committee, is an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee, and shall perform all other duties required for the functioning of the Association. The President also holds a voting seat on The Cooper Union Board of Trustees.

Alumni Trustee

Communicate the voice of CUAA and constituents to the Board of Trustees, and communicate the actions of the Board to the CUAA, as appropriate.


Maintains liaison, engages and reviews budget in conjunction with the office*. Creates accurate statements of the Association budget and minutes.

Vice President of Alumni Activities

Responsible for all alumni activities including creating local Chapters of the Association and acting as the focal point for local chapters. This officer shall also be the primary liaison to the Class Representatives.

Vice President Faculty-Student Liaison

Acts as Chair of the Faculty Committee and liaison with the Deans of The Cooper Union and assists in the selection of candidates for Alumni Representatives on Cooper Union faculty and administrative committees. Maintains liaison with Student Organizations and Alumni/Student Committee.

Nominating Committee

Ten (10) elected members, plus the previous two alumni Presidents. Presents a slate of candidates for officers and members of the Council to the Executive Committee at its February meeting.


Twelve (12) members are elected each year to serve for three (3) years. The responsibilities of the Council members include:

  • Supporting and implementing the goals of the CUAA.
  • Serving on at least one committee as a member or chair. Providing leadership and actively participate in the success of those committees.
  • Nominating candidates for the Nominating Committee.
  • Resolving tie votes for any office or membership on the Council.
  • Nominating Alumni Representatives to The Cooper Union faculty and administrative committees and receiving reports from all committee chairs.
  • Approving candidates for Alumni Representative to The Cooper Union Board of Trustees and filling vacancies among these Representatives.
  • Removing any member who fails to participate in Council functions, and fill any vacancy on the Council.


* Note: Due to the existing situation between the CUAA and The Cooper Union’s Alumni Office, this definition of duties for the Secretary-Treasurer may be in flux. Most likely a Secretary-Treasurer will be responsible for independent finances.