November 2, 2021 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 6:38 pm.

Approximately 22 alumni participated.

Robert Tan (CUAA President) opened the meeting. He emphasized the need for Council members to serve on committees.

Anna Brook (CUAA Secretary) presented the September 27, 2021 Meeting Minutes. Edits were addressed and incorporated. The September 27, 2021 Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent.

Anna Brook reminded Council members to send in their Conflict of Interest forms.

Anna Brook presented the calendar for upcoming 2021-2022 Council meetings: Dec. 14, Feb. 15, Apr. 5, June 14. Meetings will be on Zoom, starting at 6:30pm Eastern unless otherwise specified.

Robert Tan announced the Committee Chairs that have been approved to date.

Communications CommitteeShannon Pultz
Annual Fund CommitteeMariam Cantelmi
Membership CommitteeYvette Francis
Events CommitteeEdwin DeLeon
Elections CommitteeSim Blaustein
Awards CommitteeLaura Spinner
Augustus St. Gaudens Award CommitteeJulian LaVerdiere
Gano Dunn Award CommitteeRob Marano
Peter Cooper Public Service Award CommitteeJames Haywood Rolling, Jr.

Robert Tan asked that everyone serve on a committee or more to make the committees successful.

Ron Vogel (Treasurer) provided an update that the 501(c)3 application will be filed shortly. The requirement that CUAA collect 10% of its budget through public funding was briefly addressed. Ron reported that the time for a response/approval is on the order of months (perhaps 9-12 months).

Laura Spinner (Awards Committee Chair) reported that the link for nominations is up on the CUAA website. The deadline for nominations has been extended to Nov. 8. The ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 10, 2022.

Julian LaVerdiere asked whether there are any plans to have in-person meetings, such as the awards ceremony. Laura Spinner responded that Cooper Union is not prepared to have large events with food and drink. There is a concern that if the awards ceremony is live, it will be limited to a certain number of people. Barry Drogin raised the issue that with online meetings it is impossible to walk up to a Council member to discuss anything. Barry Drogin and Robert Tan asked for Council contact information to be distributed. Anna Brook distributed Council contact information to Council members after the meeting.

Anna Brook said that Council and Executive Committee nominations are being collected for next year. The deadline is Nov. 6.

Anna Brook reported that Cooper Union and CUAA are working on confidentially comparing email lists to determine the level of overlap to then identify next steps in improving the communications processes for both Cooper Union and CUAA. Barry Drogin mentioned that CUAA has several lists, and Lynn Lander suggested that the Membership Committee may be able to review the CUAA lists.

Theo Stewart-Stand asked if there are telephone numbers for people who are in similar class years that could be used for communication. Bernie Codd responded that very few people pick up their phone from an unknown number. Barry Drogin said that recent phone-a-thon experience has been similar – people don’t pick up the phone. Rachel Whitlow suggested that emails with something that is of interest to people (e.g., an article) that also has a solicitation for funds have a better click rate than just requests for funding. Margaret Matz mentioned that CUAA works with Cooper Union on fundraising campaigns.

Theo Stewart-Stand mentioned his water fountain project that provides free drinking water by making NYC fire hydrants provide water for people. He offered to put together a formal presentation.

Anna Brook moved to adjourn. Jim Liubicich seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.