November 2, 2022 – Held via Zoom and at Cooper Union

Meeting started at 6:36 pm.

Approximately 26 alumni participated.

Robert Tan (President) opened the meeting.

Anna Brook (CUAA Secretary) presented the September 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes. Edits were addressed and incorporated. The September 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes were approved by general consent.

Shannon Pultz (Communications Committee Chair) reported that the website migration is in progress. In addition, Shannon and Linda Strong are working on developing a folder structure for Google Workspace for Nonprofits to prepare to move files from other committee drives. Linda also reported she is working on the CUAA Operations Manual and showed a template.

Ciera Lowe (Awards Committee Chair) reported that the individual award committee chairs have been recruiting members. Nominations are open and will close on November 13. The awards ceremony will be in person at the school on February 9, 2023. The committee is working with the school on a budget for the ceremony. Scott Lyne suggested that the Google form should be available without signing in to Google. Ciera mentioned nominations can be submitted via email. Laura Spinner (Nominations Chair) suggested that nominations via email be sent to Ciera’s email to maintain confidentiality. Ciera mentioned that she would reach out to Cooper Union to include the call for nominations in the Five Things newsletter.

Laura Spinner reported that nominations for officer positions, alumni trustee, and council are open.

Doug Sharrott (Elections Committee Chair) reported that the committee reviewed elections software. He reported Election Buddy has been selected and tested. The program includes information about which recipient voted when and other data, but cannot see results while the voting is open. The votes are tallied after voting is closed, and then results are released. Doug is confirming pricing for the election, as well as for certifying the results. Robert Tan asked if Doug needs graphics. Doug offered to send the standard template to show an example. Doug noted there are options to send follow-up emails to those who did not vote. Barry Drogin asked whether votes can be changed during the election. Doug said that is being tested, but likely will not be an option. Barry suggested the messaging sending out the ballot needs to advise alumni that they won’t be able to change their vote. Robert Tan noted that Meet the Candidates night will be at the start of the elections period on March 15. There will also be a campaign to get new people to register to vote prior to the election.

Mariam Cantelmi (Annual Fund Committee Chair) reported that the committee will focus on Giving Tuesday, End of Calendar Year, Founder’s Day, and End of Fiscal Year. There is additional tracking via links for CUAA’s social media and website to record where donations are coming from. In FY2022, there were more than $3 million from alumni and the total fund was about $3.9 million. There were 50 new alumni donors and an increase in the participation rate for alumni donors since the previous year.

Robert Tan emphasized that alumni representatives should use the CUAA links to make donations. He said that organizations that are potential donors are interested to know alumni participation in donations to determine whether to donate to a school. Scott Lyne asked whether physical checks are tracked in any way as coming through CUAA’s efforts. Mariam suggested alerting the school if there are Facebook fundraisers, the donation might not get credited to the donor unless they let Cooper Union know.

Edwin DeLeon (Events Committee Chair) reported that the Donald Rapp CUAA Alumni Speaker Series event will take place December 1 and will be a hybrid event. Tickets for the Jets game have been purchased and only a few tickets are left for alumni to purchase. Robert Tan said the holiday party will be at Phebe’s on December 14 after the council meeting. The council meeting will start at 6 and will be very brief so everyone can attend the party.

Ron Vogel (Treasurer) reported that a transition committee is working on putting in place procedures to operate properly as a 501(c)3. Robert Tan said that the ask is for Alumni Representatives to donate $30-$60 to meet the minimum public fundraising goals. Mariam Cantelmi clarified that the money raised by CUAA will go towards the alumni awards (instead of the school paying for the awards). A link to donate to CUAA will be distributed.

Robert Tan reported on collaborating with Cooper Union to work on an MOA.

Margaret Matz (Faculty/Student Liaison) reported on meetings with the Architecture and Art schools, and that a meeting is coming up with the Engineering school. Lou Manzione reported that Bell Labs was able to provide equipment to Cooper Union and this can lead to further collaboration. Margaret also mentioned an upcoming meeting with the Humanities department.

Robert Tan reminded that upcoming meetings are Dec. 14, Feb. 8, April 12, May 10, June 14.

Barry Drogin moved to adjourn. Anna Brook seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm.