October 15, 2020 – Held via Zoom

Meeting started at 6:30pm

Margaret Matz opened the meeting.

Margaret stated that the President and past Presidents of the CUAA met with Cooper Union’s financial monitors and they are continuing to work together. Cooper and CUAA are continuing to develop an MOA between the two entities. There is also an effort to coordinate communications.

Margaret Matz introduced Ken Schles (A’82).

Ken Schles addressed his work and presented images from his book, A New History of Photography. Ken also presented a video montage of photos from his book Invisible City. He then spoke about the inspiration for The Geometry of Innocence and showed photos from the book. He presented photos from his books Oculus and Night Walk. He then presented photos from his current body of work, post-2016. He spoke about his activism in the past four years. This work is about to be published in a new book, The History of Resistance.

At 7:15 Anna Brook announced Roll Call will be based on the Zoom attendance record. She reminded Council members to submit their Conflict of Interest forms. She asked that voting be done by raising hands in the participants list.

At 7:18 Mary Lynch addressed Council vacancies on behalf of the Nominating Committee.

Curtis Wayne moved to approve alternates Christopher Panebianco (term ending 2021), Sim Blaustein (term ending 2022) and Julian LaVerdiere (term ending 2023) to become Council members.

Discussion was held regarding why alternates from previous years instead of the most recent election fill vacant seats. Mary Lynch explained the alternates process.

Michelle Lederer seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Ron Vogel presented the 2020-2021 CUAA budget, and noted that the CUAA is being vigilant with staying within and under budget. Mary Lynch noted that the budget for 2020-2021 is similar to what the budget was for 2019-2020. The CUAA was able to save money last year and hopes to do it again this year.

At 7:40 Donato Giacalone provided an update from the Faculty/Student Liaison Committee. He said members of the Committee met with Dean Essl and Dean Shoop. Minutes of the meetings were circulated to Council members. Donato Giacalone presented the list of representatives to the three schools, but noted that the Committee could use more volunteers to stand-in at meetings.

Julian LaVerdiere provided highlights of his meeting with Dean Essl. He noted they discussed creating an archive for student work. Michelle Lederer suggested connecting with Stephen Hillier for the project.

Claudia Giordano reported that she attended a Zoom with the Admissions Committee. They are developing a home test.

At 7:55 Laura Spinner provided an update from the Awards Committee. She said the school sent out the call for nominations and will be sending it out weekly. The deadline is October 30. The award winners will be announced at the virtual holiday party on December 8. She presented the new design for the award that will be used this year.

At 8:00 Rob Marano provided an update regarding the Annual Fund. He mentioned that the committee had its first meeting the night before. He noted that the Annual Fund goal was set at around $3 million to support a total alumni giving goal of $5 million. Rob mentioned some initiatives, such as increasing alumni participation, making more interactions with Cooper opportunities to give, using an app called Acorn to encourage donating. A question was raised regarding whether there is information on alumni income ranges.

At 8:10 Anna Brook presented the meeting minutes for the Sept. 3 Council Meeting. They were approved by general consent. Anna Brook presented the meeting minutes for the July 30 Council Retreat. They were approved by general consent.

A question was asked about availability of Executive Committee meeting minutes. Anna Brook provided a link to the minutes from this year in the chat. Mary Lynch said that she was working on the backlog that was caused by website changes.

At 8:20 Mary Lynch presented on behalf of the Communications Committee. She encouraged people to participate in communications. She mentioned that there are plans to migrate the website. Mary noted that the deadline for Newsletter submissions is the 30th of each month, and the kinds of submissions that are appropriate for the newsletter.

Mary Lynch reported on behalf of the Nominating Committee. The proposed deadline for nominations is November 15. All positions on the ballot are open, including President and Alumni Trustee (one or two).

Sim Blaustein asked if the group was planning any virtual events. Margaret Matz mentioned that the Events Committee is working on events, and the council is trying to come up with interactive events.

Anna Brook announced that the vote approving new council members passed. The Council welcomed new members Christopher Panebianco (term ending 2021), Sim Blaustein (term ending 2022) and Julian LaVerdiere (term ending 2023).

A question was asked about what are Special Executive Committee meetings. Mary Lynch and Margaret Matz explained the Executive Committee meeting process and why a Special meeting may be held.

Anna Brook moved to adjourn. Ron Vogel seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.