September 3, 2020 – Held via Zoom Meeting started at 6:00pm

Margaret Matz opened the meeting. Margaret acknowledged that alumni, especially those in NYC, are very impacted by COVID-19. She asked that everyone work towards improving the culture of the CUAA and aspiring to work together.

Anna Brook presented the minutes from the July 23 Retreat and the Minutes were approved by the Executive Committee.

Anna Brook presented the minutes from the August 20 Executive Committee Meeting. Proposed edits were incorporated. The August 20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved by the Executive Committee.

Margaret Matz presented the proposed Chairs for the Committees and the following Chairs were approved by vote.

Augustus Saint Gaudens AwardHenry Chapman
Peter Cooper Public Service AwardDr. James Haywood Rolling, Jr.
MembershipMichelle Lederer

Donato Giacalone mentioned the Venice Biennale committee. To save time, Donato proposed that Executive Committee members review the materials regarding the Venice Biennale and the invitation, and discuss at the next meeting.

Lynn Lander suggested that any call for participants to the Venice Biennale include language that there will not be funding provided by the CUAA to avoid surprises later.

Margaret Matz turned to discussing regional alumni groups. Mary Lynch mentioned that we have very active regional groups in San Francisco ang Chicago. And there is an active group in Florida and DC/Baltimore and Boston. They meet at least one per year. The groups in Houston and Phoenix could use extra support and leadership. Portland was also mentioned (had a meeting when a Cooper president travelled there).

Mary Lynch advised the Committee that an alum in South Korea contacted the CUAA to form a regional group. There is also interest in a Hong Kong group, and started a LinkedIn group for Hong Kong alumni.

Mary noted that the CUAA shares responsibility for regional groups with Cooper Union.

Margaret Matz lost power and was disconnected from the meeting. The meeting ended with technical difficulties at 8:15pm.