Eric Drooker A’83

Eric Drooker self PortaitThe Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award  Eric Drooker A’83. Eric Drooker is a painter and graphic novelist.  His intense graphics and provocative street posters are a regular feature of the global street art movement. His colorful paintings have appeared on dozens of covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections.

He won the American Book Award in 1994 for Flood! A Novel in Pictures, soon followed by Blood Song: A Silent Ballad and Howl: A Graphic Novel. He was the Animation Designer for the film, “Howl,” and he was later hired by DreamWorks Animation.




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Drooker gives frequent slide lectures about art, politics, and the changing urban landscape. His dramatic slide presentation is a much-beloved event at colleges and universities internationally.

Eric Drooker is a recipient of the 2016  Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award and was inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2016.

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