John V. Cleary EE’25

John Vincent Cleary was born on October 15, 1901 in Liberty, NY. He attended The Cooper Union and graduated with an electrical engineering degree in 1925. He went to work at The New York Edison Company in 1925 and worked there throughout his career, eventually attaining the position of President. He also studied accounting at New York University. He was named assistant controller after New York Edison merged with several other utilities to become Consolidated Edison in 1936.

He continued at Con Edison becoming a senior vice president, a trustee and president.

John Cleary served as an official of the Greater New York Fund, and was a founding member of the United Fund of Greater New York. He was also a member of the Cardinal’s Committee of the Laity.


John V. Cleary was awarded a Presidential Citation by The Cooper Union in 1964 and was inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2009.


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