Committee Chairs were recently announced by CUAA President Margaret Matz AR’83

  • Annual Fund Committee:  Carol Wolf A’84, Kelly Smolar ME’07
  • Nominating Committee:  Kay Nordstrom ME’77
  • Communications Committee: Genevieve Martin A’11, Anthony Manganiello CE’06
  • Integrative Committee: Standish Lee AR’11
  • Awards Committee:  Laura Spinner A’89
  • Faculty/Student Liaison Committee: Mark O’Grady A’76, Donato Giacalone AR’83
  • Events Committee:  Nanwei Chen, CE 2013, Mark
    A. Vasquez, ME 1988
  • Tellers Committee: Athena DeNivo CE94,
    Malini Ramanarayanan ChE’00
  • Gano Dunn Award Committee: Darrell Low EE’89
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award Committee: Carol Wolf A’84, Bill Wolf A’84
  • John Q. Hejduk Award Committee: Lilly Zand AR’88
  • Peter Cooper Public Service Award Committee: Mary Lynch ChE’82
  • Elections Committee: Shankar Venkataraman, BSE’03
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Committee: Nils Folke Anderson A’94, Karina Tipton CE’99, Carol Wolf A’84

All alumni can participate on committees. Many of the committees are seeking additional members. If you are interested in joining a committee, you may reach out to the chair directly or you may email