Erich Hausmann 1907 from The Star and Lamp

Erich Hausmann 1907 was born in 1886 in Solingen Germany and came to New York as a boy. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in 1907 and a degree in electrical engineering in 1914 from The Cooper Union. He also studied at New York University where he received masters and doctorate degrees. He worked with Willyoung & Gibson Co. Elec. Testing Labs. and Nat. Electric Signal Co., 1904-07 He became a professor at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1908 where he taught physics and electricity courses and rose through the professor ranks eventually becoming Dean in 1917. He taught at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute for 45 years and retired from there in 1953.

Erich Hausmann authored or co Authored several textbooks. They include:


In 1948, the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association gave Erich Hausmann a scroll at it 85th Award dinner for Erich’s 40 years of service to the school. In 1955, on October 9th, the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute celebrated its Centennial by awarding 17 Honorary Doctorate Degrees. It awarded one of them to Eric Hausmann.

Erich Hausmann received the Gano Dunn award from the Cooper Union Alumni Association in 1960. He received the Polytechnic Medal for the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1961. He was a Fellow in the American Physics Society and a Fellow in the American Institute of Electric Engineers.


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