Extended Deadline: November 8, 2021

Submit Your Nominations for the 2022 Alumni Awards.

Please nominate a CUAA alumni who has excelled in the field of Art, Architecture, Engineering, or Public Service by following the link below.

The alumni awards given are: The Augustus Saint Gaudens Award for Professional Achievement in Art, The John Q. Hejduk Award for Professional Achievement in Architecture, The Gano Dunn Award for Professional Achievement in Engineering, Industry, Science, or Finance and the Peter Cooper Public Service Award for Extraordinary Public Service.

The deadline for nominations is November 8, 2021. Nominations received after that date will be saved and considered for the following year. The link for nominations will remain active after the deadline so nominations can be made throughout the year. Use the on-line Founders Day Award Nomination Form. Nominations for 2022 awards will be accepted through November 8, 2021. Nominations received after that date will be saved for consideration for the 2023 Awards.

Alumni who are chosen for an award will be inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2022. If you want to check to see if the alumni you are considering nominating has already won an award, you can do so https://cooperalumni.wpengine.com/about/hall-of-fame/.

For those who are not aware of the policies and procedures of the Award Committees, please note that committee members closely and carefully review the body of work, credentials, and contributions that each nominee has made to their profession and to the public, and base their decision on the merit of the nominee’s work. After careful review and consideration, each award committee decides on a deserving recipient. The committee works without outside influence, pressure, or persuasion to arrive at its decision.If you know of someone who is deserving of any of the alumni awards, we encourage you to nominate them—the committee members will do their due diligence from that point forward. For purposes of fairness, we appreciate you not contacting any of the committee members to ask for their vote for any of the nominees.