By Alumni Artists

  • Robin Hood’s Barn: A Study of Ice Age Culture is authored by Arthur Hill Corwin A’54 and edited by Yvette Francis A’93. Learn More
  • Eleven Muldrove A’21 has published: Here the Ceremony Begins: A guide into the present moment, Navigating the Spiritual Unknown. Learn More

By Alumni Architects

  • Dan Hoffman AR’76Jesse Reiser AR’81, and Peter Lynch AR’84 are contributors to Cranbrook Architecture: A Legacy of Latitude, published by Wiley & Sons Ltd, May 2023. Learn More
  • Susan Gussow A’56 republished the book, Architects Draw. A book launch event was held in the CU Library on November 16, 2023. Learn More

About Alumni

  • Dan Libeskind AR’70 and Jesse Reiser AR’81 and Nanako Umemoto AR’83 are featured in Cranbrook Architecture: A Legacy of Latitude. Learn More
  • Milton Glaser A’51 is featured in Milton Glaser: POP, authored by Steven Heller, Mirko Ilić, and Beth Kleber, published by Monacelli in 2023. Learn More