Anne Romme AR’05

Anne Romme is an associate professor and founder of Finder Sted | Taking Place at the Royal Danish Academy. She also runs an independent architecture practice invested in critical, experimental projects. Her work ranges from alternative housing models and the commons in architecture to artistic research, biomimesis, digital fabrication and the development of a building system based on pure plates shell structures.

Anne holds a Ph.D. degree from the Royal Danish Academy, an M.Arch.II from Princeton University School of Architecture, an M.Arch. from The Aarhus School of Architecture, and a B.Arch. from the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at the Cooper Union. She has been teaching, lecturing, and exhibiting extensively in Denmark and abroad.

Her research covers a broad field, from paper architecture and the imaginary in architecture history up until the present, to the architecture of housing with a focus on self-build and alternative housing forms, and to geometry, digital fabrication, and biomimetic structures.

She is part of the Danish Arts Foundation’s Housing Laboratory as a researcher in the project” Urban Self-built at Musicon”, dedicated to understanding and establishing self-built housing as a practice in Danish housing architecture. This research is based on her PhD dissertation, “Aspirations for an Architecture Commons” from 2016

“Spaceplates” is a multidisciplinary research project aimed at building thin shell structures by optimizing the relationship between naturally occurring geometries, structural principles, and material capacities. The project combines art, architecture, design and engineering to create ambitious ideas and structures for a sustainable future. Spaceplates has been used for greenhouses, shelters, pavillons and an underwater habitat.

“Islands” (in collaboration with Jacob Sebastian Bang) examines the island as the archetype of imaginary architecture. The project addresses contemporary as well as historical uses of the island as a topology suited so solve architectural and societal dilemmas. It is also invested in finding models for how architecture and urban development can grow organically and allow many voices to intermingle.

“The Metaphorical House – Imagining Female Residences” is a collaborative research project dedicated to exploring the both the method of creation and the form of representation in metaphorical houses in architecture history. Questions of authorship and gender is central to the project, which explore the metaphors used in existing imaginary architecture and relate them to metaphors which have typically been associated with women, traditionally somewhat underestimated, but imbued with potential for rethinking the idea of residency.

Anne has ten years of academic leadership experience, having been the Head of Program for 150 students, faculty, and researchers from 2014-23. Her approach to leadership has its origin in a multidisciplinary learning philosophy, non-hierarchical collaboration, and motivation-based learning.

Anne is a member of the board of the Danish Institute in Athens, Greece, and a member of the Danish Academy.

Anne received The Cooper Union Presidential Citation Award in May 2023 and is a member of The Cooper Union Hall of Fame.