The Peter Cooper Public Service Award is presented annually to a living graduate of The Cooper Union who best exemplifies Peter Cooper’s life of service to the public. This award was established in 2014.

This committee is formed and disbanded annually.  It meets over a period of 1 to 2 months for discussions.  Members must be alumni of The Cooper Union from any of the three schools.  The Chair must be a member of the CUAA Alumni Council.  All actions taken by this committee must be approved by the CUAA Executive Committee.

Nominees for this award are collected during the fall months using the CUAA Nomination Form for Founder’s Day Awards.

2017 Members

Mary Lynch, ChE’82; Noel Eldridge, ME’86; Scott Lyne, ChE’92; Athena DeNivo, CE’94; Aaron Kleinbaum, CE’82;

Carl Meinhardt, AR’62; Margaret Matz, AR83; Jaime Vasquez, AR’97; MaryAnn Nichols, A’68; Claudia Giordano, A’76,