Lauren Mallas AR’68

Lauren Mallas AR’68 is a practicing architect specializing in the study of urban Japanese architecture.
She began her career in Philadelphia at Mitchell/Giurgola Architects. In 1990, she established Mallasfoote Design in San Francisco with her partner and husband, Fred L. Foote. Their high-profile California work includes the San Jose Hilton Hotel, the San Jose Convention Center and San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens. In 2001 she completed a master’s degree in Asian Studies at the University of San Francisco, Center for the Pacific Rim.

Mallas has been a visiting juror and lecturer at Drexel University, Pennsylvania State University, Temple Universit, and the University of California, Berkeley. She is a 2009 PhD Candidate in Architecture and an instructor in architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. She also teaches cultural anthropology at the University of San Francisco. The focus of her dissertation research is the multi-use super-block developments of Tokyo that are transforming the urban landscape as it has existed since the mid-nineteenth century.

Lauren Mallas received the 2000 President’s Citation.