Marie Wieck Eng’82



Marie Wieck Eng’82 received the 2004 President’s Citation. She is General Manager of IBM’s Software Division responsible for worldwide operations of the WebSphere Portfolio of products. Her career at IBM began when she was a junior at The Cooper Union, and she has been there for over twenty five years. She earned an MBA from New York University and a master’s in computer science from Columbia University. Wieck was influential at one of the critical moments in IBM history during the early development of IBM’s Internet and e-business software. She beta-tested some of IBM’s groundbreaking new products and provided technical assistance to IBM CFO Jerry York. She was instrumental in working out the industry wide protocols and technical standards of the 1990s, including Extensible Markup Language (XML). Marie Wieck is widely recognized for her leadership and role model presence in women’s activities and in corporate work-life initiatives. She co-chairs IBM’s Work Life Integration Council, driving such initiatives as flex hours and job-sharing throughout the company. In September of 2010, she was named General Manager of Application Integration Software, a worldwide management role responsible for the WebSphere portfolio of software.