12-19-13   Resolution to support the Working Group

Members of the Cooper Community: The Cooper Union Alumni Council met Tuesday night and unanimously passed the following resolution:

“Resolved, on this the 17th day of December 2013, the Council of the CUAA hereby endorses the Working Group proposal presented to the Cooper Union Board on December 11, 2013 to replace the imposition of tuition on the entering class in 2014 and subsequent undergraduate classes. We pledge to support efforts of the Cooper Union Administration to refine the Working Group Plan as needed to ensure that a sustainable financial plan is maintained and we will assist in every effort to implement that plan and ensure that it achieves its objectives.”

Please support your elected representatives by donating to the symbolic 1859 campaign that will send a message to the Trustees to keep the school free: http://freesince1859.tumblr.com/


The Council of the Cooper Union Alumni Association