Dear Alumni:

We are exploring a “Cooper Union Alumni Association Advisory Service” (CU3AS). It would

provide preliminary guidance to firms and agencies using pro bono professional hours of CU

alumni possibly leading to voluntary donations to The Cooper Union.

If you are willing to provide a limited amount of pro bono professional hours of your time to help

provide this service, would you please email us at cu3as@googlegroups.com.

You may peruse a draft of a proposed “CU3AS” Mission Statement, included at the end of the

email, or at our Group Webpage.

Please provide a resume, if convenient, and also separately note, if you wish:

1. Your general areas of professional experience;

2. Relevant current or former positions;

3. Specific areas of technical expertise; and

4. The types of marketing opportunities that you might be able to assist CU3AS in developing.

Suggestions, questions, and/or comments would also be appreciated. Include your contact

information and we’ll contact you.

Thank you very much.


Ray Tillman CE’57

John Leeper AR’85, CUAA President

Rocco Cetera CE’99, CUAA VP Alumni Activities

Sean Cusack BSE’98, CUAA Communications Chair

Mission Statement

Cooper Union alumni and faculty have broad and diverse experience and expertise in engineering,

architecture and related fields. The mission of CU3AS is to provide advisory services to diverse

private sector firms and nonprofit

and government organizations requiring these skills, and where:

There are concerns on the part of these firms and organizations in such areas as

performance, strategy, tactics, resource allocation, technical evaluations, management,

quality assurance/control (QA/QC), or marketing; and

A specific approach and scope of services to practically address these concerns has not

been defined or accepted.

The advisory services provided by CU3AS will result or assist in:

The identification and definition of specific concerns and needs; and

The development of an approach and scope for the efficient procurement and execution of

needed services.

The services outlined by CU3AS would typically be performed by established firms or by “inhouse”

staff of the organization requesting CU3AS assistance.

Services provided by CU3AS will hopefully lead to voluntary donations. Alumni working with CU3AS will do so on a pro bono basis.