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Adopted Motions and Resolutions


The CUAA Council is committed to a return to free tuition for all students, and encourages efforts to defend the Charter, founding documents, founding principles, and the historic Mission of The Cooper Union which states that “The College admits undergraduates solely on merit and awards full scholarships to all enrolled students.” To this end, the CUAA affirms its commitment to provide current, relevant, crucial, and accurate information related to The Cooper Union, in an effort to foster an informed alumni body. Furthermore, we unequivocally respect and defend each individual’s right to engage in and support efforts to defend the historic Mission of The Cooper Union as they see fit.”


Whereas the Alumni Council passed a resolution on July 24, 2013 “to form a committee headed by Council member Sangamithra Iyer (CE’99), with participation of alumni trustees, to study the Associates of The Cooper Union to make a recommendation to the Council for vote at the September Council meeting.”

Whereas the Ad-Hoc committee explored the potential benefits the formation of the Associates of Cooper Union could bring, which include:

* Broadening Cooper Union’s engagement with and impact on the wider community,
* Aiding in fundraising and expanding our donor base outside the Cooper Community,
* Enhancing governance by providing a mechanism for dialogue between the Community and BoT and providing checks & balances on the activities of the BoT.
* Completing an unfulfilled mandate in the Cooper Union’s Charter.
* Defending and preserving the Mission of Cooper Union

Whereas on September 17, 2013, the Ad-Hoc Committee presented recommendations and a process for the the creation of the Associates of Cooper Union to the Alumni Council.

We the Alumni Council resolve to support the formation of the Society of the Associates of Cooper Union as called for in the Charter and Deed of Trust of The Cooper Union. We would like the Board of Trustees to partner with a stakeholder committee of alumni, full and part time faculty, staff, and students to form the Associates in a constructive spirit of cooperation. Once formed, the Associates will adopt its own bylaws, and invite other individuals and organizations whose activities support or are otherwise aligned with the Mission of The Cooper Union.

Proceedings and Summary

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