To: All CUAA members
From: John Leeper, B. Arch. ‘85, CUAA President

Fellow alumni:

I’m writing to provide you with a long overdue update.

The Alumni Council apologizes for the delay. Our normal means of communication with alumni — the CUAA website and email list — have been unavailable to us for some time. We’ve recently reconstituted that list (hence our recent set of emails asking for nominees for upcoming awards) and we have a replacement website that will soon be ready for launch.

A detailed explanation of the unavailability of the old site and email list would be counterproductive right now. Let us say simply what is readily known — that differences with the school’s administration are the cause.

There’s finally good news, however. I had a meeting Wednesday night with Trustees Richard Lincer, Jeff Gural and Rachel Warren. I can announce that these three Trustees have promised to arrange a meeting the week after next to be attended by President Bharucha, CUAA representatives and themselves. This is the soonest all parties are able to find a common date. We hope and expect to reach a satisfactory agreement with the administration at this time and resume a productive working relationship with our counterparts within the school — as well as normal communications with you, the alumni constituency.

We promise to report back to you following the meeting.

Meanwhile, we want to alert you to three important agenda items that the CUAA Council will address by the end of the current term. These are, specifically:

1. We are taking the necessary steps to complete the process of putting our 501(c)3 status back in place after its lapse several years ago. Regardless of our ability to resolve recent issues, we will want the ability to accept tax free donations for future events and other projects, and this will enable us to do so.

2. We will embark on a comprehensive outreach campaign to contact every living Cooper alumnus.

3. We will assemble, distribute and report on a comprehensive poll to alumni to enable the Council to understand what the alumni constituency believes to be the most important tasks it wants accomplished going forward.

I’m aware it’s asking a lot to be out of touch for a considerable period of time and then to write and ask you to remain patient for even a little longer. Please know that we’re making a sincere effort to insure that our relationship with the Board of Trustees remains as strong as possible, and to reestablish fruitful relations with the administration in the manner we think is most beneficial to the Cooper Community.

This letter was presented to attending Council members at our November meeting on Thursday evening, November 6th. It was discussed, revised and approved unanimously.

Please stay tuned.

John Leeper, B. Arch ‘85
CUAA President