To: All CUAA Members
From: The CUAA Executive Committee

Fellow alumni:

An Online Questionnaire Is Presently Up:

Please Respond

The Executive Committee met last night and we discussed the recent Update 03, Joint Statement, Nov 21, and the spate of member emails it’s prompted.

We all agreed that we owe CUAA members answers to these questions, so we’ve set up an online comment form at Please use the online comment form to submit your questions. We will consolidate all questions submitted over the the next weekend and provide answers to everyone in our next Update early next week. To help us meet this deadline, please try to get your questions to us by midnight Friday.

Our plan is to consolidate questions over the next weekend and provide answers to everyone in an Update next Monday or Tuesday.

Joint Statement Follow-Up

Meanwhile, we want to offer here a brief and important follow-up to Update 03: Joint Statement of November 21st. The Joint Statement is a summary of meeting discussion points and areas of common tentative accord. That conversation is ongoing. Nothing in the Joint Statement is presently binding upon the CUAA, the Board of Trustees or the Administration. Anything constituting final agreement on any matter will be presented first to the CUAA Council and contingent upon a CUAA Council vote, as is standard practice.

The CUAA Executive Committee and Council are committed to transparency as we have demonstrated in the past. We will always report to you in as full a manner as possible. At the same time, we need to keep as many options open as we can during these discussions; hence the summary nature of  the recent Joint Statement. We’re honored to represent the membership and we take our stewardship of the CUAA seriously.

Thank you.