Ancient Presence, Modern Projection: Torcello – Venezia, Italia.

This article first appeared int he April 2014 CUAA Newsletter

torcelloIconostasis with Cooper Square
Margaret Matz AR’83 and a team of researchers and collaborators have designed an immersive, multimedia exhibition concerning the survey and restoration of the historic and religious structures on the Venetian island of Torcello. Titled “Ancient Presence, Modern Projection: Torcello – Venezia, Italia.” Margaret’s firm, Milestone Architecture, PLLC is doing work in support of a restoration effort at a UNESCO Heritage site on the island of Torcello in Venice, Italy. They used 3D laser scanning technology and modern architectural software to document and preserve this historic site and then used that data to create exhibits that will be used to educate people about this site. The exhibits will be staged in NYC and in Venice at the Venice Biennale from June 6 – 14. The two sites will be connected via live-streaming video. When visitors enter the exhibits they will be immersed in a contemporary experience of the Venetian-Byzantine structures. The installations use physical objects, light projections and interactive software to engage the viewers. More info coming soon.