The Cooper Union Alumni Advisory Service, or CU2AS, is offering pro-bono services.

CU2AS logo

The CU2AS offers high quality advice to start-up businesses and other organizations that require assistance to navigate regulations, or take business plans to the next level.

Alumni of Cooper Union are using an untapped resource—the exceptional expertise the alumni—to generate donations to their school.   So far, alumni have offered to work on a pro bono basis with:

  • a small NJ contractor specializing in the design and installation of voice, data, video and security systems;
  • a start-up in Long Island that wants to make “customized” candy;
  • a real estate developer with an innovative approach to block-based urban renewal in Dutchess County;
  • a proposed transit system that would connect an upstate airport and nearby train station.
  • a NJ car service who wants to be web and app based. 

For these and other service recipient needs, help can be offered in planning for expansion, marketing, web design, company performance, resource allocation, technical evaluations, management and quality assurance/quality control.

—   The not-for-profit corporation established for this is the Cooper Union Alumni Advisory Service, or “CU2AS”. It seeks out firms, primarily through its website,, that could use advice. These are often start-ups or small or mid-size firms lacking sufficient staff or managerial capabilities. CU2AS then matches the companies with alumni who have precisely the right experience.  CU2AS has a reservoir of alumni ready to help.

To identify possible users of its services, CU2AS is asking alumni to spread the word about the service by word of mouth and by emailing published articles like the ENR Article and, if necessary, paid advertisements.  See announcement below for additional details.


The advisory firm CU2AS is independent and not affiliated with the college.

The directors of CU2AS are Ray Tillman CE’57, Margaret Matz AR’83, Robert Cohen AR’84 and Al Rosenblatt EE’57.