Jay Moskowitz PHY ’70


Jay Moskowitz is an inventor and entrepreneur. He founded and led SPD Control Systems, RTS Wireless, RTS Electronics, Real Time Strategies, Peerless Wind Systems, On Networks, Wireless Marvels and Intersystems Software. He has more than 35 years of experience in the communications industry with a specialty in wireless communications. For the last 8 years he has focused on projects related to sustainable energy. Jay holds 10 patents in the US, Japan and Europe.

Prior to forming his own companies, Mr. Moskowitz was SVP of Engineering for a manufacturer of Radio Paging, Voice Mail, Telephone Answering and Cellular Telephone central office equipment. Earlier in his career, he was a system designer with NASA developing a simulator to train astronauts.

He was one of the first inventors to bring the Internet to wireless devices (email, web messaging and browsing), initially to radio pagers and then to mobile telephones. As a teenager interested in entering nuclear chemistry, he won 3 New York City science fairs and summer research grants, but moved to telecom upon graduating from Cooper Union. Among his many inventions were a Blackberry type of message communicator (listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world’s smallest fax machine), a Siri-like system for sending text messages to wireless devices, transmission of movies over laser beams, a stock market ticker system for the home, nationwide wireless communications before it ever existed, a ship navigation systems using pre-GPS technology, a handprint security system, an FM radio built into a golf ball for the US Open, a garage door that tweets if left open, and is now working in the technology of electronically tintable windows to reduce or take advantage of solar heat and potentially save 30+% of energy used in buildings (currently offered in the Mercedes-Benz under the name Magic Sky Control), working in wind energy creating low cost Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and a patent-pending electric generator, as well as working with a team to develop a system to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

He is a senior member of the IEEE, a recognized leader in the radio paging industry chairing several committees and created many telecom protocols used to enable Wireless Instant Messaging and other capabilities for AOL, Motorola and the wireless community at large. Jay has mentored numerous engineers, software designers and software developers and assisted startup organizations wishing to introduce their own inventions into the marketplace.

More information is available at his company web site www.spdControlSystems.com

Jay Moskowitz

Jay Moskowitz at 2014 Founder’s Day Ceremony