The 2015 Culture Show: Whose Culture is it Anyway? was presented in The Great Hall on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

This is an annual event put together by the CU South Asian Society (SAS).  It is a two hour spectacle that includes Song, dance and comedy numbers that showcase the numerous talents of the Cooper Students.  For this year, there was a comedy sketch group that played segments of  “Whose Culture is it Anyway” in between the musical numbers.  These sketches were done in the style of the Improv Hit,”Whose Life is it Anyway,” with Drew Carey. The comedians are Samuel Zhang, Galvin Kaplan, Calvin Liu, Nick Mannarino, Nish Patel, Anthony Traina, Joseph Viola.

Culture Show

Whose Culture is it Anyway?

Culture Show 2015

Whose Culture is it Anyway?

The first performance was a break dance performed by Jay Wang, Brian Wong, Arnold Wey, Derek Toub, Dennard Dayle, Johny Chen and Arven Rulona.

The second performance was by the Ballroom Dance Team who performed two numbers.  One was a Rumba and the other was a Salsa.  The dancers are Hailey Kim & Peter Wang, Sophie Lee Landau & Elliot Curran, Brenda So & Zach Chang, Clara Zinky & Troy Costa, Soyoung Moon & Calvin Liu.

Culture Show 2015 Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom Dancers


2015 Culture show ballroom dancers

The next performance was by the SAS Girls.  It included a dance number that included Bollywood dancing, hip-hop music, and dancers from every culture.  The dancers are: Alexa Reghenzani, antonia Stoyanovich, Anushree Sreedhar, Arielle Mayourian, Blossom Soifer, Brenda So, Helena Zhu, Jacqueline Baum, Jay Wang, Marianna Tymocz, Monica Chen, Nicole Jung, Rebecca Poch, Ruchi Patel, Sara Wong, Sehr Ahmed.

Culture Show 2015 SAS Girls' Dance

SAS Girls’ Dance


2015 Culture show SAS girls 2

2015 Culture show SAS girls

The next performance was a musical solo.  Jason Kim sang, “From Beginning til Now” by Winter Sonata. Jean Kim accompanied him on the piano.

Culture Show 2015

Jason Kim


The next performance was a dance number performed by the SAS Guys.  This group includes: Jithu Alexander, Zach Chang, Johnny Chen, Calvin Liu, Tushar Nichakawade, Sohan Mone, Chris Panebianco, Nish Patel, Shalin Patel, Krishna Thiyagarajan, Peter Wang, Andrew Wentzel, Arnold Wey Brian Wong.

2015 Culture Show SAS boys

Culture show 6

Following Intermission there was a dance performance by the Coopernova Team.  This group includes:  Alexa Reghenzani, Brian Wong, Neema Aggarwai, Maureen Anyanwu, Arnold Wey, Andrew Wentzel, Brenda So, Helena Zhu, Jihu Kim, Johnny Chen, Arnauld Sylvain, Jay Wang.  The group is coached by Lauren Bernales.

Culture Show 2015 Jugglers

Calvin Liu and Zach Chang

The next performance was a juggling and comedy routine performed by Zach Chang and Calvin Liu.

This was followed by an elaborate performance with Chinese Yo-yos. The performers are: Brian Wong, Matthew Lee, Arnold Wey, Stephen Leone, Amos Chung, Rebecca Poch, Grace Li, HouChong Chan, Jean Lam.

Next Zach Chang and jay Wang performed “Mario Minor” from the Super Mario Brothers game.

culture show 1Next Jong Park sang two songs in Korean.  One was “Pinnochio” by Roy Kim.

The finale grand number was a dance number by the full SAS dance group (Guys and Gals) where the ladies were decked out in traditional sari dress.

The show is followed by a smorgasboard dinner.  This year, the smorgasbord included foods from six countries.