Yinna Wang A'07

Yinna Wang graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in 2007. Upon graduating, she worked at various design firms where she provided art and creative direction. For the past 7 years, she has worked as a professional makeup artist in the fashion industry.

Her work has spanned the globe, including Paris, Milan, London, China, as well as NYC and LA. She specializes in fashion shows, advertising and editorial photoshoots.

In 2013, upon hearing about the student occupation at Cooper Union, she returned to offer her support as a volunteer to the CUAA. She chaired the 2014 Founder’s Day Committee and organized the first Peter Cooper Block Party.


The event was the largest in the history of the CUAA, and succeeded in being the first free and open to all Founder’s Day event, attended by over 1000 members of the Cooper Union and NYC Communities. In 2015, she served as VP Alumni Events under President John Leeper, and is running for a posiotion on the Nominations Committee for 2016.

She enjoys hanging out with fellow alumni, sharing stories and resources, and finds comfort in the sense of community. She continues to make art and foresees an illustrious career as a successful fine artist when she is in her sixties.