Jack Gould, Mechanical Engineering 1927, was an inventor and active member of the Cooper Union Alumni Association. While attending the engineering night school, he worked as the Assistant Director of Research and Process Control at Eagle Pencil Company, the largest manufacturer of lead pencils in the world. From the year of his graduation until 1964, he served as Vice President of Manufacturing, Engineering and Research at Ferdinand Gutman & Compnay. Here he developed the childproof cap, for which he received awards from the New York Academy of Sciences and the Pediatricians Society, along with honors in many medical journals. (See Patent) He later worked as a consultant, designing and installing steel conveyors for hospitals and universities. In 1980 Gould became Vice President of UHT Corporation, a technology firm.

Gould was an active alumnus for over 75 years. He helped organize the current Cooper Union Alumni Association, merging four separate Night and Day School Associations into one, and drafted the original constitution that guides the college and its alumni. He served as President of the Alumni Association and helped lay the foundation for representation of the Alumni Association on the Board of Trustees.  He passed away in 2006.

Jack Gould received the 2006 CUAA Gano Dunn Award and was inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2009.


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