Cooper Union Alumni Regional Groups

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Cooper Union alumni live in many areas around the country and around the world.  There are some areas where alumni groups have formed.  The Cooper Union Florida Chapter is the largest of these groups and has been a formal group for more than 3 decades.  The other Regional groups were formed around 2009-2010.
The CUAA works with alumni to establish Alumni Groups that encourage socializing and networking among alumni around the country and internationally. We encourage you to connect with each other by visiting the following links to network, learn about upcoming events, and share any personal or professional news with your fellow alumni.
Contact the regional group or chapter leaders if you live in or visit these cities regularly:

Arizona Alumni Group has two subgroups Phoenix: Janet Reed (AR’80) and Tucson: Ron Carsten (EE’69)

Bay Area Alumni Group (San Francisco) Hsu-Wei Shueh (EE’90) and Min Wei (ME’00)  LinkedIn Group: The Cooper Union Alumni in the Bay Area

Chicago Alumni Group Zev Salomon, AR ’01 and Michal Raz-Russo, AR ’01 and Malini Ram Morgan, ChE’00

Europe Alumni Group Francesca Sciandra (AR’01)  Europe Alumni Group on Facebook

Florida Chapter

President Dr. Ron Drucker CE’62
Secretary Mr. Stanley E. Goldstein EE’51
Treasurer Mr. Jason Rivera CE’03
Representatives: Mrs. Marcia Acker-Missal BFA’65, Mrs. Susan Eisenberg CE’62, Mr. Myles German CE’92, Mrs. Sarah L. Goldstein EE’53, Mr. Keith Lorinos ME’05, Mrs. Ruth Neumann Art’44, Mr. Albert Roberts EE’50, Mr. Warren Ser AR’87, Mrs. Catherine Wichman Art’82

Houston Alumni Group John Sobchak (ChE’82)

Los Angeles Alumni Group Bryan White (ChE’98)

New England Alumni Group Paul Bork (EE’71)

Philadelphia Alumni Group   Jeb Brookman AR’96

Washington DC Alumni Group  Basil Alexander CE’03