Henry Grant Plumb, A 1868

On May 29th 2015, an article appeared in the New York Times about Henry Plumb saying in part:

Henry Grant Plumb painted panoramas of European and American villages and sweet portraits of children and pets while also teaching for decades at Cooper Union. Times Article

Henry Grant Plumb graduated from The Cooper Union Night Art School in 1868. (link to 1868 Annual Report in the Cooper Library Archives)

He attended the Cooper Union Free Night Art School while working for the Hatch Lithographic Company.  After graduating from The Cooper Union, he studied at the Ecole Beaux Arts in Paris.  Henry had a long career as an artist and worked in a range of styles and media.  He died in New York City in 1930.

He taught drawing at The Cooper Union for 34 years from 1882 until June 1917.*

Samples of Henry’s work

Henry Grant Plumb Obit

His exhibitions included:

National Academy of Design, 1879-92; Brooklyn Art Association, 1879-86; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art Annual, 1881-82,1888-92,1898; Boston Art Club,-1886-1900; Paris Exposition-1889 (Prize); Paris Salon-1878; Society of Independent Artists1918-19,1923-24; and the Salons of America -1925-26.

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*Katie Blumenkrantz, MLIS CU Library Assistant / Archives Assistant, validated Professor’s Henry Plumb’s years as an Art Instructor by finding his name in the Annual Reports and Course Catalogs for the school years 1882/1883 –  1916/1917.  Course Catalog H Plumb